Confirmed : Massive Xbox 360 and Wii price cuts set to spur retail war

Rumours of big price cuts in the UK for Xbox 360 and Wii have been confirmed. Starting tomorrow, get an Xbox 360 for under £100.

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Bloodwar4676d ago (Edited 4676d ago )

Microsoft is no longer competing with the PS3; that the next gen war is between the Wii and the Xbox 360? Or is the Wii and the Xbox 360 fighting the last gen war and that the PS3 is only true next gen machine? You decide. Don't you like how I loaded my response? LOL Who wants to disagree with me and what are you disagreeing about? hehe

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King_many_layers4676d ago (Edited 4676d ago )

so you're telling me that Microsoft have beaten the PS3 because they're getting a slight sale surge with the price drops ( I only say slight because wii is still ahead ) but now you must think to yourself, what will happen to microsoft now, they can't afford to go any longer for a while. PS3 is in for a long time, they'll keep up these steady sales and once the next XBOX is readying and the next wii they'll be getting lower in price and people will move onto it former wii owners will move onto it because it's still the biggest name in the gaming industry.. ask a random person something about games and they'll probably say playstation.

it's still a casual product, just it isn't going to be appealing at that price for casuals for a while.. when the price is down it'll get better.. and microsoft won't really be able to drop any lower than that

( well that's how I see things going )

edit: just read that it's a sale.. oh well

kalle4676d ago

They dont need to go any lower than this.

And no im teling you that 360 won because it did, it have better sales than Ps3 and for the PS3 to win they most sell alot more than they are doing now.

You dont think Sony is going to let MS release their new console earlier next time also do you?

Just face it PS3 will never beat 360.

Diamondwolf4676d ago

Spoken like a true pessimist :)

While I agree with most of your comment, PS3 fanboys, looks like Microsoft is moving in for the fatality!

But to say that PS3 will -never- beat the 360 in sales is a fanboy comment and frankly its absurd to be so final when anything could happen.

For me, I think Microsoft is going for the kill, and at the same time, should they continue to drop the prices to the PS2 price point, all that means is it's time for the new console to move in..........very soon.

New console could mean the 360 gets dropped (which I doubt that they'll do, but it's possible) and if the PS3 continues to sell and pass the 360, what then kalle?

But the 360 is poised to win 2nd place this gen

AAACE54676d ago (Edited 4676d ago )

See, The fanboys have been paying too much attention to the 360 and Ps3, while the true leader of the console war is thw Wii! MS realizes this, and are willing to compete to get some of the action.

They probably figure, they still have a lead over the Ps3 (even though just a small one), and want to try to win over that 100+ million people who bought the Ps2... only to realize that in a couple years, they will see that there were never 100+ individual people who bought the Ps2, and the games industry only has about 50 million game players!

@Silogon... It could be more related to the fact that everyone's economy is in a strange place right now! I find myself saying I will hold off on some games and such, because of high gas prices! So the lower the price... the better chance you have of getting high sales.

I know alot of people who want to buy a new console, but can't see themselves spending that kind of money for a console right now with the economic situation in the ugly state it is in!

hitthegspot4676d ago (Edited 4676d ago )

Next year... 2009 will definitely be the year of the PS3... Sorry had to be said. It's a sale and as the holidays approach I'm sure we will see the PS3 go on sale. But Sony better hurry up. It appears, with the credit crisis in the US, stores are starting their holiday sales sooner...

I guess those that disagree think TYOT PS3 will be 2010?

The Makr4676d ago

Of course it is good for the indutry overall. It pushes units out to people who otherwise might not be able to afford to buy a console. This grows the overall userbase. Also this puts more pressure on Sony to reduce prices, which means improving efficiency in production. Much better this than some Oligopolistic collusion where prices are kept artificially high by a few companies that aren't really competing.

dcbronco4676d ago

This is a battle between retailers. Microsoft and Nintendo didn't lower the prices, the retailers are just having sales. Microsoft just did a price cut in Europe and Nintendo has no reason to do one.

Blakzhuk4676d ago

Any chances of the PS3 coming in second this holiday have been squashed.

This is truly amazing and yes, good for gamers and the industry.

Bloodwar4676d ago (Edited 4676d ago )

Yes, very true. I agrre with you on the costs as well. I own about 200 original Xbox games. The economy has taken such a beating that I only own about 50 Xbox 360 games. Well, that, and my daughter wants bigger more expensive toys as she gets older. What am I going to do when she turns 16 and expects a car? Buy her an Xbox 720 and Forza Motorsport 5 lol Don't tell her I said that. =)

whoelse4676d ago

I think A PS3 retail price cut would have a bigger impact than the 360 personally.

dcbronco4676d ago

I agree. The problem is that Sony can't afford to cut the price of the PS3 after already cutting the price of the Blu-ray stand-alone players, which they really couldn't afford either. Cutting the price of the Blu-ray players is already an admission that the PS3 is not driving Blu-ray sells to the extent Sony had hoped for.

anh_duong4676d ago

i am getting myself an xbox for this price. no reason not to

xhairs94676d ago

This is all in Europe, not around the world (for those of you who didn't read the article). Not only that, it's not $ amounts it's in Euro's. Meaning it's only a 30 euro cut which yeah that's nice but it's also stated in the article that it's only for 1 week, good luck with the amount of "out of stocks" they usually have around the world, I don't see the full potential of this sale being fulfilled.

AAACE54675d ago

I agree and bubble to you Bloodwar, I know how you feel!

I have always enjoyed having a large collection of games for each system. I always try to keep it under 50 games though. I always enjoyed having all 3 consoles, but with things the way they are now... I will just sit with the 360 for now!

(Fanboys) The Ps3 is a great system, but it just doesn't have enough games that "I" want to play. So I can't justify myself purchasing it right now! If you are happy with the selection of games... I'm happy for you!

Also Bloodwar, I understand how you feel... I have twin boys, and have been planning for what's to come! For your sake and mine, I hope they do change the legal driving limit to 18 yrs. old.... lol!

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Silogon4677d ago

Wow, it's like they're getting a price cut every weekk on the xbox 360... that usually means bargin bin stuff. Remember when MGS4 hit a cheaper than normal retail price and all the dong bangers rushed in t count te dark clouds moving over Sony's head?

Well, what can you make of these multiple price drops for the xbox 360? That sounds, to me, like a bunch of discounts. I guess the only thing it needs nw is a bin, since it's already a bargain.

Dino4675d ago

maybe that will happen in the states. I hope they start rolling out those new and improved 360's with the new rrod proof hardware.I want one bad. There are sooooo many games I want that are on the 360.

u got owned4677d ago


If you want an x360, now is definitely the time to buy.

The Makr4676d ago

Thier stock is going to be cleared out fast at that price.

jonnyvito4677d ago

they're getting rid of the old stock to make way for the Jasper Xbox 360 model.

Anton Chigurh4676d ago

for 99

we call it a great DEAL

hotrider124676d ago (Edited 4676d ago )

I agree with you people must have forgot about ms is getting rid of the old stock (RROD) stock first before jasper comes out.
trust me the RROD consoles are not throw aways they are the 129.00 console masked as new what MS should have is sales on the elite.

being scarcastic

hurray,hurray!!! get your RROD here! come one come all freshly broken down arcade 360 here! AH!! you look like a sucker I'll tell you whatcha do for 129.00 you'll have the finest console (syke)

Anton Chigurh4676d ago (Edited 4676d ago )

99£ for the xbox360 ???
299£ for the PS3 ??

Sony must do something



PirateThom4676d ago (Edited 4676d ago )

Sony don't need to do anything. It's a sale by one supermarket, unless they offer a similar discount on the PS3, why should Sony do anything?

PopEmUp4676d ago

to remain competitive is sure is some good tactic to used eh?

theKiller4676d ago

then i think sony needs it too if they wanna steal the sales this fall, i know they want to be profitable but i think market share at this times is more important!!

any way if they make the price cut with killzone 2 release they will make it up on what they lost in this fall sales!!

but the thing is fall sales r the most, so i hope sony doesnt miss this chance just because they want to be profitable!!

i think december 299USD is very attractive!! any way if they make it on Feb then its also good!