GRAW2 coming march 8 in Europe

In the latest release list from Ubisoft their upcoming tactical shooter Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 is listed for a march 8 release on Xbox 360 and PC for Europe.

The PSP version will be released 29 march. No date has been set for the PlayStation 3 version.

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nice_cuppa5220d ago

wait for your inferior port ps3 fans.

Hymons5220d ago

...but would you quit being a fanboy??


nice_cuppa5220d ago

im a fan of games this is why i dont like sony

i have nes,snes,gba,ds,cube and wii.
pc and laptop.
mastersystem,megadrive,saturn ,dreamcast and nomad
xbox and 360.

i had 3 ps1's and 2 ps2's all break on me so you can see why i dont like sony.
(my 360 is from launch and i have had no problems)

Hymons5220d ago

...anyway, it's not about whether you like games. It's about you.. being a fanboy towards other gamers. Yea.. I know. "It's fun..."

Yet, that doesn't dismiss the fact of my post above.

(I'm glad to hear that you didn't have to get anything fixed with your 360.)

I've had my PS2 since launch, as like your 360, and it still works perfect today.

Perhaps you were just unlucky with the PS2 and lucky with the 360. If you are saying that you don't like Sony because you got a system that broke... you are missing the fact that some of the 360s broke as well.

I'm sure Sony didn't say, "Hey look at that gamer.. lets give him a PlayStation thats going to break here shortly."

Anyway, back to the point, there is still no need to put others down over a game. It's great that you stated your opinion, but keep the other commments to yourself. Otherwise you might just be called a fanboy.


Hymons5220d ago (Edited 5220d ago )

...did I hit a nerve?
*BTW, do you stutter when you get angry?*
"...breaking on" & "thats why i....i dont..."
Or is it that you are self-centered?
Like I said.. unfortunately you were unlucky. Very unlucky. But I see you are still straying away from the point at hand.
I don't see a connection between me and fanboy.. except you.

I have reason to call you out.. but you have no reason to state that I am a fanboy. So your comment below doesn't really mean anything except a wasted bubble.
I don't like doing this.. but you don't seem to understand. Once again, please reconsider what you are about to say before you post.

nice_cuppa5220d ago

on another thread........

that would be really sad.

Hymons5219d ago

..don't make yourself look any worse. I did draw attention. To you, not me. I don't like making people like you (fanboy), look dumb. I was being nice to start with, just tellin you to watch what you say about others.

But you like to "rub their noses in it." Well now I'm just doing it to you. Fair is fair right? :) I really hope you come around some day. Or maybe show a little respect for others.


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nice_cuppa5220d ago


it was ps1 and ps2 i had break (3 and 2)
thats 5 sony console breaking on

thats why i....i dont buy sony.

there you go...........



nice_cuppa5220d ago

that it was my experience with sony
as in (nobody else)

and that i nolonger buy sony products
as in (nobody else)

if i was talking about others i would state who.

sorry if you misunderstood but i cant get any clearer than that so you will just have to continue living with your mum, mowing lawns dreaming of being able to join us gamers instead of living your sad life of lies.

Hymons5219d ago (Edited 5219d ago )

For starters, I understand everything you said.

You just don't get the point I'm trying to show you.. but I'll get to that in a bit.

Secondly, your sentence "...trying to get it through you thick scull..." makes you look like your in middle school. Which is another reason you should learn to reconsider what you are about to say before you post.

Thirdly, you kept changing what we were talking about. You went from bashing PS3 Fans(main point BTW), to *rubbing noses* and "i don't like sony" then to, "" & "i....i," and finally to calling me a fanboy. While the whole time I was mainly just telling you to watch what you say to others. (My Point)

Fourthly, you 'were' talking about others! Let me refresh your memory. Does, "wait for your inferior port ps3 fans." Look familiar?

You were talking about ps3 fans... plain and simple.

Fifthly, I happen to be a fan of the PS3, don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing my bro's 360 just as well. So don't go thinking I'm a fanboy.

Lastly, I don't live with my mom, I'm in college. I do occasionally mow lawns for extra cash in the summer when I'm not working, and I wouldn't dare dream of joining, as you say it, "us gamers" if you were included.

Like I said before, go ahead and state your opinion, fine.. but rethink your comments before you post.