Mygamer Review: Red Bull BC One

What can be considered a puzzle game, Red Bull BC One is a break dancing sim that links music with drawing shapes.

If you are confused with the sentence above, you have every right to be. What started as an energy drink and the main ingredient to any "bomb" related alcoholic beverage, Red Bull has made its way into video gaming. Apparently, the best way to make a game about an energy drink is to make poor-man's version of DDR using a stylus to draw lines. At least 7-Up's Cool Spot was somewhat of a decent platformer.

The game is so simple, a child can do it. In fact, children will probably enjoy this game more than older gamers as it acts as an electronic connect the dot activity book. On the other hand, it is debatable whether or not to give a child Red Bull in the first place. Nonetheless, the player must connect similar shapes by drawing lines with the stylus on the bottom screen. The key is not to overlap or use the same shape twice. The challenge revolves around connecting all the shapes in a limited amount of time. Once a shape has been fully connected, a break dancer will perform a dance move on the top screen.

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