Sony’s Latest Firmware Update For PlayStation 4 Could Be One Of Its Biggest Yet

There could be some big things coming to the latest firmware update for PS4, like the ability to change your PSN name and downloading PS1 classics. WWG runs down what could be the most exciting features.

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PhoenixUp450d ago

Anytime a PlayStation console updates moves to a new whole number means that it's going to be a huge update

zivtheawesome450d ago

wait weren't the .5 updates usually the bigger ones or am i remembering it incorrectly. what was added each time?

GameBoyColor448d ago

The whole number change is the big one system wide. The .5s are usually features added.

ziggurcat448d ago

whole number updates are usually the ones with the biggest feature additions. .5 increments usually have something new, but not nearly as big as the whole numbered ones.

NewMonday448d ago

after over a decade I can finally change my name tag

(if rumors are true)

dantesparda448d ago

Its not the whole numbers that are the big updates, its all .50 increments that are big, so for example, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, etc.

VenomUK448d ago

I believe that we will get PSN name changes when Sony actually announces it!

I'm happy with mine because I chose wisely - between the USA and UK release of PS3 I had 5 months to think about it. But I know plenty who would love to change their PSN ID. I think it will happen, an old Sony user questionnaire asked people about it. Shuhei Yoshida will certainly have reported back about it, but there are technical issues with implementing this so I don't want to bet on what year.

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ModiJi450d ago

Looking forward to it, last update was fantastic.

I_am_Batman450d ago

PSOne compatibility would be a great. It could also indicate that they will increase compatibility over time and might go for full compatibility with the PS5 so that you can play all your PSN and hopefully physical games on one console. Wish list would also be great even though it should've been implemented a long time ago.

InKnight7s448d ago

It would be awesome but, Ps4 don't support CD format at all(ps1). Restricted reigon for DVDs will be another problem(ps2). I hope they find way to do Ps3 games.

fr0sty448d ago

Cell processor isn't easy to emulate, and since PS4's CPU isn't known for being super strong, I wouldn't bet on PS3 emulation.

UltraNova448d ago

What a shame the Cell processor had to die just to satisfy some lazy devs...

DarkZane448d ago

All the PS4 need to read CDs is a firmware update. The laser for CD is in there, it's listed in the safety manual.

The software to read CDs is just not there, but the hardware definitely is.

Not that it matters, because PSOne classics likely means the ones we got on PSN for PS3/Vita/PSP, not actual disc backward compatibility.

FITSniper448d ago

It had to "die" because it was a dead end. Outside of the PS3, it didn't sell all that well. Yes it's difficult learning curve had a lot to do with that, but that's what happens when you do something extremely custom. They wanted to turn a specialized processor into a general purpose one and that doesn't work so well.

thekhurg448d ago


You can't just label a developer lazy because they aren't given the time or resources by their publisher to do a bunch of highly unique coding for cell processors. Especially when they're already strapped for time working more conventional hardware types.

Cell was amazing but in the age of multi platform gaming it was just too dense for anyone that wasn't making an exclusive.

rainslacker448d ago (Edited 448d ago )


It didn't really die. Most of the new technologies from CELL now exist in GPU's, and was a result of IBM and Sony's CELL efforts. It was what made GPU compute more readily available.

I think if Sony tried to continue with the CELL concept, it wouldn't be set up the same for this or future gens, because of the change in developmental procedures for games not requiring so much offloading in the direction of the CPU. It just made more sense to add it to the GPU, since they were mostly already set up for such procedures.

In any case, continuing with CELL would have been an expensive endevour, because CELL in general is more a niche processor designed for very specific things, so the cost to manufacture can't be offset by a more mainstream distribution.

In any case, with today's x86 technology, coupled with changes and advances in GPU technologies, the purpose of the CELL is kind of redundant and not even necessary with today's developmental paradigms.

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_-EDMIX-_448d ago

That would nice, but I already have most of my favorite PS1 titles as digital on PS3. I've been buying them up for a while when sales come.

Recently re-played Resident Evil 3.

" might go for full compatibility with the PS5 so that you can play all your PSN and hopefully physical games on one console"

That would be pretty cool, but extremely unlikely. That would be crazy though!

Bruh448d ago

They literally can do that with PS Now already, Sony just needs to stop being cheap and allow digital titles you own on PS3 to be streamed for free on Now.

Aenea448d ago

Yeah, it's about time they would connect the 2 systems (they've been separated systems from the beginning) so PS Now can check if you actually own a game digitally and then stream that for free.

ImGumbyDammit448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

Not against the idea. Might be a nice bonus if you are a Plus member.

But, lets be realistic. Unlike Microsoft's backward compatibility, PSNow takes a great deal more cost to support. For the most part, Microsoft is download and done. It's server infrastructure to support is the same as the storage and licensing for all the XB1 games. All the actual gameplay work is done on the console itself. In comparison PSNow, as a streaming service, can easily surpass thebandwidth cost of downloading a game (e.g Xbox BC) compared streaming most games. Although it may be minimal, it can add up. However, the real cost is the server infrastructure. Each server box is 8 PS3's stuck on a motherboard. Imagine the need to support 60+ million users. Even if we expect a free PSNow service was used monthly by 5%, as backward compatibility is used on Xbox One, that would mean it would require free gameplay to support at the very least 3 million users connected at one time. I doubt the PSNow service is ramped up with a minimum 375,000 server boxes. Maybe, they have and that means most are sitting dormant now. And these are hardware not virtualized PS3 devices. So increasing support requires building more boxes. There is also the additional cost of maintenance with each box. That is more Sony has to pay to support something beyond just a storage servers and licensing servers. It is not free for Sony to do this. They must provide a benefit to their bottom-line for PSNow to exist

Once again not saying it wouldn't be nice to play what you own. It just doesn't make financial sense from a business perspective on Sony's end. Perhaps Sony could do something that would make PSNow more viable to consumers and Sony. Maybe each month Sony could have one or two PSNow games free to play for a whole month for Plus members. I just don't see them giving away PSNow free to PS3 game owners.

Mr_Writer85448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

The problem with that is Now isn't and never has been an alternative to BC, and costs money to run.

Taking off the gamer specs for a moment, they have to pay to run the service, and I'm guessing games added to the service aren't free.

So I don't think it's tech that's stopping this it's the fact that doing this would cost millions to run with 0 profit made.

Sony are a business not a charity.

Edit what gum said.

Bruh448d ago


Hence why I said its cheap of them, its all fan-service. In fact backwards compatibility as a whole is fan-service, a companies doing it for good-will and good press. They'll def lose money on certain ends, but if you can promote the service through allowing gamers to stream their older library I would think its better than limited trials as to getting gamers more interested in Now.

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ASBO-5448d ago

I hope they fix the audio sync problem i the media player, been messed up for waaaaaaaaaaaay too long

McGlinchey12448d ago

I never got that is it your internet speed?

blackblades448d ago

Pretty sure the internet has nothing nothin to do with the media player.

Shakengandulf448d ago

I haven't experienced this.. sure u haven't changed something your end, most amps/audio setups let u adjust audio sync.

boing1448d ago

It's a drifting de-sync. Must be a playback issue.

boing1448d ago

Yeah, same here. Started happening two updates ago.

blackblades448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

It's probably your videos.

pixlz448d ago

Nah, its definitely a media player thing. Its actually why i still use my PS3. No drifting audio sync.

The Media player app could be much better.

McGlinchey12447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

Sorry not his internet speed but his router signal/interference if he is using wireless

ASBO-5447d ago

WTF?? Why is my comment down voted? How can wanting them to fix a known issue with audio sync be something to disagree with?

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Bronxs15448d ago

Something SO big for them, to warrant a new version number has been on Xbox last gen. Change your username. Wow.

Wonder what they can add. I'm really surprised they added HDR to base PS4 a while back.

Aenea448d ago

1) changing username does not need a firmware change, all done on the database and only needs a web interface to change it
2) it's not like both have been adding things from the other, didn't Xbox recently acquire 'communities' of some sort?

So I don't really get your tone...

yomfweeee448d ago

Yep, you got it.... the whole new version number is simply because of username feature. You're the smartest man alive.

Bronxs15447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

From the article. They play it up. Calling. It a huge feature and a game changer. Just found it funny because it's such a small thing. Mean while Xbox updates offered things like 360 backward compatibility. And the next one is adding original Xbox backward compatibility.

I guess the guy above didn't much like my tone since I guess it's pointing out the obvious. MS has been adding better features to their consoles this generation. Both software wise, backward compatibility and hardware wise like including 4k uhd in one s and one x.

(Insert mandatory remark about exclusives are all that matter and 4k blu dying or something)

Ps. Article quote
"This could be a huge feature. Some people have been looking to change the name of their PSN ID for what seems like years, without the ability to do so. It’s unsure how Sony will manage this option, as managing millions of names on the network probably takes a heaping handful of effort. But if Sony can introduce this, it will help players diversify their online personality into something that’s more fitting, rather than the default name they registered with when they first signed up with the PlayStation Network. If there’s a way for Sony to effectively make this happen, it could be a game-changer for a lot of online players."