Why PSP is better than iPhone

[OC]ModShop's Jenna Morgan writes:

"We all know that the iPhone has a lot of features, but does it do them all well? I still carry around several gadgets, simply because they all do their specific tasks better than any all-in-one device. Now the Apple Advertising Phalus is trying to make me believe that the iPhone is a worthy gaming device?

It is my belief that the PSP is the most superior portable gaming device, across all markets. Here are my Top 8 Reasons why every self-respecting gamer should have a PSP, regardless of what other portable devices you have."

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Voozi3789d ago

Because it has AAA games

sonarus3789d ago

For gaming definitely due to the more traditional controls but i don't really see why they should be compared

f7897903788d ago

They want the Iphone to also be seen as a gaming device. Their latest commercial just shows a bunch of games being played. I'll stick to my PSP.

Killjoy30003789d ago

When it comes to games..Yes, but in other categories I wish I had an Iphone.

Firstkn1ghT3789d ago

Are you serious? Dumbest article ever.

Firstkn1ghT3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

5 disagrees? HAHA the 2 have nothing in common. Why not just make an article titled... "Why my electric shaver is better than the psp!"

jlytle12343788d ago

look how crappy articles are now. people will say anything to get hits and you dont require any degree or credentials to write. any hack can puke up some sentences, give it a flaming title, and put it on a blog which has mysteriously been lumped into the category of news. I am terrified of what we will be reading in 10 years time.

2Negativecool3789d ago

The title really should read:
"Why apples are better than oranges"

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The story is too old to be commented.