George Miller needs to make a video game

Imagine what the father of Max Max could do with this medium. (Also, all these other directors.)

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SCW1982508d ago

Cory Barlog learned alot from him when helping out on Fury Road and I am sure that's going to show in GOD of WAR!

ElementX508d ago

Well video games are a completely different medium, the player makes choices, goes where they want, etc. With film you control every aspect of the final product, from lighting to camera angle. Unless extensive scripting is used, a video game can't allow for total control of the experience.

Drakul507d ago

No, he needs to make Mad Max II.

TheOttomatic91507d ago

Uh do you mean Mad Max 5? Cause he made the 2nd entry years ago.

TheOttomatic91507d ago

If he's interested sure if not then he absolutely should stick to movies.