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The PS3 has mandatory game installs. No surprises there right? Since the beginning of the console gamers have complained that the PS3 has forced them to abandon the former gamer ritual and buy, unpack and play, adding the additional and sometimes painful step of WAIT between savage unpack (ripping off shrinkwrap is always fun) and the satisfying play. Some installs have hardly taken any time, while others (Devil May Cry 4) feel like an eternity of wait time which creates the sensation of smelling a fresh baked batch of cookie chip cookies (or insert your favorite kind of cookie) that still has time left in the oven.

The install can be fixed redeemed however. The beauty of it is that the solution has been staring us gamers in the face since day 1 as well. The solution? PSN. I know, I know, you're wondering how that makes any sense, so without further adieu, here it is.

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Peter Griffin5732d ago

But this is a STEP in the right direction

Mr_Bun5732d ago

Yeah, I thought they were going in a totally different direction with that heading

Peter Griffin5732d ago (Edited 5732d ago )

my argument here is clearly the time problem....as i clearly stated

i didnt get into the space thing as i also have qualms wit it.

EDIT: Meant to reply to 2.2

TheTimeDoctor5732d ago

i love installs. it improves the games performance and i get to smoke a couple of bowls.

C_SoL5732d ago (Edited 5732d ago )

That's actually a really great idea, but there's one problem; not everybody in the whole world has a internet connection.

So if I were to buy the game without having a internet connection. How would I play?? I need to install the damn game before I play it.

So it's really better to have the mandatory install data on the disc..

BTW:I didn't even read the article. I read bits and pieces....

@Below:Only 22% of the world population uses the internet..
That's not everybody.....


@ C_Sol

They would still have the install on the disc but if you had internet(which almost everyone has) you could do what the article says! If you don't have internet then you can do it off the disk like it is right now.

sonarus5732d ago

I don't understand how this would work to be honest. Its like how you have to download then install. I can see install data being downloaded but that could lead to issues.

Plus game discs are made in batches supposing new batch has something that isn't covered in old batch so do they make install data for multiple batches on psn???

There is a proper solution for PS3 installs but this isn't a SOLUTION...its simply a work around. What sony needs to do is get ALL developers on board with the tech being used in titles like uncharted which have awesome load times but 0 install. Blu ray can hold 50GB of data they need to do data duplication to eliminate the need for install and shorten load times.

Data duplication is the solution to installs but quite frankly installs don't bother me that much

gaffyh5732d ago

wtf are "cookie chip cookies"?


Sevir045732d ago

it adds more time to the "WAIT" Game that fanbois look to use because we have to download and then install. and then there is STILL the Space Issue, while we can always say yeah just upgrade the HDD, people would rather not do that even though it might be beneficial in the long run. This article while it sounds like a good idea, 20 minute mandatory installs which a 4-5 gigs worth wont be fun downloading no matter what the connection speed, maybe that would be sound if we had inernet speeds like our Korean pals but thats not the case of here in the states, in Europe, Japan and many parts of the world. for me It takes about 1 hour to download a 2 gig file from PSN with High traffic, thats 4 hours of a 4.8 gig download data i dont want to go through and then half to wait 5-20 minutes to more after downloading... Thats BS, while i have the space and i dont mind the mandatory installs much, i would rather not be forced.

Games like Haze, Ratchet and Clank future, burnout and Uncharted are the solution to this aweful problem... developers need to spend time making your Game do Background loading, or develop and engine that streams by having a major 3 minute loading process from the initial start up of the game and then zero load times when the game actually gets under way like Uncharted and Haze. or the other solution is to duplicate system data on that Oh sop useful BLuray disk which bethesda showed is another viable option for making the game run smooth yea it might be padding but it's still a valuable technique that with a little refining will stop this epedemic from spreading through out the PS3's life cycle... Dont force me to Buy a HDD because i'm running out of space or force me to wait because i'm intalling and uppacking my data...

That right there is the solution, Get better coding and make a better engine that supports background loading or stream... get with it. and deal with the slow disk read issue of the PS3's Blu ray.

barom5732d ago

First off why do you have to have one or the other. Why not have both? The OPTION to download from PSN and the ability to install from disc. There's actually nothing bad about that at all.

Oh and btw, 78% of the whole world population might not have internet. But I bet a good 80-90% (maybe even closer to 95%) of the PS3 population has. Think about it, who buys a 399$ console and not have the money to get internet.


If you mind the installs, I have the solution:

Get a job. You have too much time in your hands.


Many people with PS3s are out of Sony's radar. I know I am (in Brazil, they shall not come with PS3 here any soon). I do have an American adress, so no problem for me, and who hasn't can just fake an adress.

But I know many that have fear of doing it and get banned like in the 360 (many people know 360 bans here, but few understand that this was only for pirates so the fear of being watch while playing has raised, specially in a place where 95% of the market is illegal in a way or another).

B-Rein5731d ago

i think xbox 360 shud have installs cus of the damn noise and some times the loads go a bit dodgy especially in the rpg games where the music doesnt switch at the right time

SL1M DADDY5731d ago

Not everybody that buys a game for their PS3 has the Internet or is even hooked up to the net. So I take it this is a solution that will include both the data on the disc for install and the data through the PSN? If that is the case then it sounds good to me but to be honest, the installs never really bothered me.

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Mr_Bun5732d ago

Still, I think this could be a viable option.

Peter Griffin5732d ago

No, its not a problem to me either. I can understand why ppl may be annoyned but its really not as serious as ppl and sites make it out to be. Is ur life really that unproductive that a 5-30 min install drive u to insanity? u really cant find nothin to do for the time being?

mboojigga5732d ago (Edited 5732d ago )

This issue is not about the time it takes to do the install. It is more about the space taken up for the installs. If the PS3 is your only console and you have 5 games with 5 gig installs then you have no space eventually for everything you really meant to do with the hardrive that you didn't even need to upgrade although the option has always been there. People want to upgrade the hardrive for other reasons and mandatory installs are not one of them. More money out of your pocket for a reason you were not needing to upgrade for in the first place. Then everyone saids delete it out and install it when you want to play it again. I want to play a game for 10 minutes which is what I and I know some people like to do for example a race. Instead of my 10-20 minutes I wanted to spend playing that game I am spending 15 minutes alone just reinstalling the game. So now my 10-20 minutes I wanted to set aside to just simply played will now either turn into 5 minutes or 40 minutes I didn't want to spend time doing as I planned my time out.

You say someone can't find anything to do in that time. Well yes, I chose to play a game in that time duh. But I buy my mulitiplatform games for the 360 and only exclusives for the PS3. That solves those games

hay5732d ago

No problems here either.

Pennywise5732d ago

I dont mind them at all. If it will make for less pop ups, fast loads and less optical lens use... im all for it.

TheTimeDoctor5732d ago

if space is a problem buy a bigger hard drive; if time is the problem you are a retard.

season0075732d ago

"ripping off shrinkwrap is always fun"

Then why don't games come without wrap so it saves you another 5seconds?

You can always complain anything that delay your first trial of the game you like...but, seriously, if ripping off shrinkwrap is an exciting waiting moment, same for the install time..

btw, the above comments doesn't mean i like freaking long 30minutes install time, just that if it is needed, try make it short and i wouldn't mind it much..

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CrippleH5732d ago

Solution Do Hard Drive caching and streaming like Uncharted.

JBaby3435732d ago

I was thinking the same thing when I read this.

Sarick5731d ago (Edited 5731d ago )

My solution is simple.

Allow the user to create a user specified unified cache partition. In that partition games can get installed as the game loads up. As new games get installed that data is replaced.

This might not seem like a super idea at first but bare with me a few more steps and listen to the genius behind this. First off the space never exceeds user specified amounts. Secondly it doesn't require an install. Lastly, the game that's running takes a portion of this space for itself and streams the data until the desired files are fully installed.

Now here is the key to this setup. If a player decides to put another game in that needs install or cache space it will overwrite some or all of the file the same way the previous title did. Of course if the player puts in the first game and the cache is full it'll overwrite the other game hopefully keeping some of the other games files on the drive.

What this basically does is create a soft install that doesn't retain the all the install data. If another game wants to use the HDD for data it overwrites some of the space. It allows the best of both worlds without locking an install on the drive. It's like the windows cache system. In windows all the excess ram is for cache until programs require it. If new programs are loaded that need ram it releases the amount needed. It also slowly builds the cache unless your on vista and running superfetch.

For instance in today's games they have their own install data. This data is wasting space if your not playing the game anymore. Sure you can uninstall the game, but why should the players need to manually install and uninstall. The installs should be seamless and use unified swappable space that is overwritten if another game requires it.

When you pop in a game it should use system reserved space for optimized data transfers and be overwritten out if a player puts in a new game that needs hdd space. Most players put in a game play it for a few days then at a time. Not sample them, like the old NES days. This allows the cache to populate.

Aside from updates, new maps and patches I don't believe full game installs are necessary, especially if they can automatically install and uninstall data as needed using a cache partition. At least with this setup normal players that don't swap out games regularly (2-4 games a day) will get the benefits of NO initial full installs, faster access over time and let the blu-ray drive have less ware.

Edited FIXED spelling and terms.

Blademask5732d ago

How do we get devs to bother streaming on ps3? Thats the question.

Its not a question of technical ability.