Global A to bring another RPG to PSP

Chuumon Shiyouze! Oretachi no Sekai is the name of the new RPG of Global A Entertainment that will be released in Japan this November 13th.


As you can see on the screen, the battle system is tactical (like Jeanne D'Arc or Disgaea) and you can also explore the world.

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tocrazed4you3789d ago

Hey edge mag... about umm IDK over 20 exclusive games has been just announced for the psp and still some unknown coming into TGS. You wanna like umm shut up now? TY

sinncross3789d ago


Yeah Edge was just being clever I suppose... ever since that article new PSP titles have been streaming in...

jams_shop3789d ago

Hey! Wasn't everyone saying that the PSP is death? It looks like the PSP is going to a much big lineup than the 360 at TGS.

TheColbertinator3789d ago

Excellent.More games for the PSP are always welcomed