How Losing A GBA Slot Affects DS Gaming (Sorry, 'Guitar Hero')

MTV Multiplayer writes: "The announcement from Tokyo of the new Nintendo DSi promises all kinds of new features to Nintendo gamers, including photo-taking and downloadable applications.

But DSi owners won't have a Game Boy Advance slot. What will they lose?

More than you might think…

* Rumble: Nintendo has offered two rumble packs for the DS, one each for the GBA slots on the original DS and the DS Lite. The original was packaged with "Metroid Prime: Pinball." The device could provided a small jolt (which also elicited an unintentional and annoying buzzing sound). Developers never used this add-on in a key way, offering it as a minor extra affect for games as disparate as "Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time" and 'Air Traffic Chaos.'"

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princejb1343792d ago

wow losers
i aint buying this if i cant play guitar hero

PirateThom3792d ago

What a terrible mess.

This thing is destined to split Nintendo's handheld userbase.

PS360WII3792d ago

Doubtful. This is about as big a shock as it was when they no longer allowed you to play GB games on GBA units. It didn't happen right away but they still took it away eventually.-

TheMurderer3792d ago

While I'm fairly happy that Mods will be a plenty, at the same time I'm fairly disappointed in the decision to exclude the GBA slot. Now I have to have two handhelds to play the games I love? I'm still torn whether I want this new one or not...

ape0073792d ago

am not happy with the new dsi

still the same as the old ds with very few additions

they made it more casual

sajj3163792d ago

I think Nintendo made a mistake with this. DS market is not stagnant, its far from it. I bet this design was intended to reduce flash cart usage to play roms instead of buying the games. I bet the R4DS is rendered useless on these models.

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The story is too old to be commented.