Persona 5 Cosplay: Sexy Takamaki Ann Ready for Battle

Persona 5 has been released worldwide for a while and it's certainly one of the best RPGs for 2017. The game is also released in South Korea and able to snatch a lot of fans there, including cosplayers. Take a look at Korean girl RUMI's attempt on cosplaying Takamaki Ann, aka Panther, one of the main protagonists in the game. Model: RUMIPhotographer: SIJUNSource: inven

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ThunderGod_Cid1427d ago

Titties are like bacon, it makes everything better.

TricksterArrow1426d ago

These cosplays "news" are getting a bit much, no? Geez.

TorpeAlex1426d ago

At least it wasn't one by for once. That guy's constant mentions of how he wants interviews and borderline obsession with the models is super cringy in my opinion.