Game Focus: Baja: Edge of Control Review

Game Focus writes: "Baja Edge of Control sees the THQ team put the pedal to the metal on a very realistic off-road racer. THQ isn't unfamiliar with the off-road genre, having published the popular "MX" franchise. Edge of Control won't have you on the edge of your seat, despite making a solid attempt to live up to the Baja name and reputation."


+ Realistic off-road conditions.
+ Good use of damage, along with in game ability to repair.
+ Unique race modes, like hill climb and Baja 1000.
+ Rewarding use of clutch and handbrake.
+ Lots of environments and tracks.
+ Spectacular car crashes


- Very steep learning curve.
- Career mode lacks serious creativity and depth.
- Career mode upgrades require no thinking.
- Awful online multiplayer.
- Annoying vehicle contact is unavoidable.
- No individual vehicle performance ratings.

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