AtomicGamer: Silent Hill: Homecoming Review

Homecoming shows a significant improvement over the franchise's last console outing, but there's still work to be done. Combat is much improved despite being nerfed by screwy balancing, the new camera hits the right balance between controllable and cinematic, and the story-supported by super creepy audio and visual work-is outstanding.

Now, if they can get the mundane puzzling up to snuff, tweak the combat difficulty and maybe shed just a bit more light-it's even hard to see with your flashlight, sometimes-on the drenched-in-darkness presentation, gamers will have good reason to visit this cursed town again. Homecoming is superior to the series' last two console efforts, and a must-play for those that have been hankering for a horror-filled fix in a console generation that's seemed to left the moody genre in the darkness.

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UnwanteDreamz3791d ago

I've been playing this one and it's not bad so far. The only things I do not like so far are the static filter graphics like BC. I also think they could have given at least another 5 or 6 feet of sight. Feels and looks like silent hill even when you are not in silent hill. Music is great as well.

RAF-TECH3791d ago

trophy support for this?

creeping judas3791d ago

i believe the answer is no.

Wolf8733791d ago

I am waiting for Alone in the Dark to come out for PS3 and with its stated fixes, the game is looking really good. This game has got average from what I see, and its possible Alone in the Dark may get reviews in the same vicinity as this. But trouble is I'm fan of both but I only have budget to get one of these, which one should it be?

Someone who has played it, tell me how does it compare to its predecessors? Is it successful in delivering tension, depression and fright like in SH-1,2 and 3? Are creatures really Silent Hill-ish? In a nut shell, how similar is it to its Japanese originated brothers?

name3791d ago

Wait by last 2 console efforts do they mean the PS2 port of origins and silent hill 4? Cause if they mean silent hill 3 I beg to differ.

Rhezin3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

who the f!ck cares about trophies. It has achievements.