Five Reasons Why Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies Is Going To Be Insane

Since its inception back in 2008, Zombies have been an inseparable part of the Call of Duty games every year. The co-op mode which was originally introduced as bonus content in Call of Duty: World at War is now a major talk in community.

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headblackman1112d ago

i don't need 5 reasons. zombies is all i play on cod. mp is ok to me (my personal opinion), but zombies is all i need. i wish they'd release a game with nothing but zombies. id buy that.

DigitalRaptor1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

They didn't even mention that the co-founders of Sledgehammer Games worked on the original Dead Space, which they're bringing to this.

CoD: WWII is going to be one to remember.