Video Game Characters and Autism - Building the "Model Aspie"

Examining and discussing how characters on the spectrum have been and could be utilized in our favorite medium.

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meka26111587d ago

What's kinda funny about this is, that I have a theory that all these electronics are what are causing autism. You think back to about a generation ago and autism wasn't that wide spread, or we just didn't diagnose it. I feel that since all electronics put out an emf field that it can have adverse affects on a developing brain. No data or anything for this, just a theory I have.

ravinash1587d ago

It's only been in the last generation or two where metal health has been a thing that can be documented.
A lot more studies are going into it so we're understanding it better.
In the old days, people would have lived their entire lives with things like autism and not even know it.
After all most people who have autism are on the extreme end of the spectrum, so it might not always be obvious.

meka26111587d ago

Yea that's a good point, we still have a very long way to go in diagnosing and treating mental disorders. It's just very hard to do that, but I totally agree with you.