Wii U Developers: One developer show was simply not enough

Key Highlights:
> Five out of Six exceptional releases were Nintendo exclusives going on to show lack of excellent multi-platform titles
> Nintendo as developer averaged 84.8 critic score with 09 different releases. Whatever you say about their platform, their pedigree as quality quantity developer is simply unmatchable
> Other than Nintendo, no other top quantity developers managed a single exceptional title


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PhoenixUp506d ago

The title of this headline should say "one publisher" not "one developer."

mobijoker506d ago

No, I tried to mean developer 'Nintendo' NOT publisher one as it focuses on developers.

PhoenixUp506d ago

Nintendo isn't made up of just one developer

mobijoker506d ago

Sir! You are right in that Nintendo has different studios(EPD,EAD,SPD etc).
But to be termed as a developer, metacritic developer tags are used like below to categorize:

XbladeTeddy505d ago

It's an umbrella term. Same as EA, UbiSoft, Rockstar. They are one developer.

mcstorm505d ago

For me I don't think Nintendo made a bad game for the wiiu. It had the most exclusives out of all 3 that I wanted but it just did not get the 3rd party support but I also think that Nintendo messed up by calling it the wiiu. Alot of people thought it was a Wii add on.

The wiiu was a good idea but I do think after owning the switch and wiiu the switch is the console the wiiu should of been.

I also think the 3rd party's were to blame on the lack of 3rd party sales though. For me I got cod and FIFA on the wiiu and compared to the 360 and PS4 versions at the time they looked the best but lacked content and why should someone buy a game with less content than on another consoles?

Going forward though I think if Nintendo can keep making the steps they are with the switch it could be a massive hit going forward and also set the base for having all their games on one console to. We all know when Pokémon comes out that sales will jump up alot esp in Japan and the switch also makes for a fully open world Pokémon game to which could be the best one we have ever seen for me the new Zelda is the best I have played with windwaker my 2nd best.

mobijoker505d ago

Exclusive game wise, you can't go wrong with Nintendo. But the botched up big time regarding third party titles in Wii-U. But things are looking up for them in Switch with lots of publishers joining. I was cynical about Zelda:BOTW because of its open world nature, man I was so wrong, for me the best game this gen after witcher 3.

mcstorm505d ago

Yeah I was unsure about Zelda to but for me the best game of this gen tied with horizon 3. The switch for me is an amazing consoles and it feels like it plays right into Nintendos strengths unlike the wiiu.

InTheZoneAC505d ago

until nintendo ports over all their solid wii u titles then the wii u is a better buy at this point