Will Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Answer the Game's Biggest Mystery?

The Frozen Wilds is the first story expansion to Horizon Zero Dawn. The question is, will it be a standalone experience, or will it answer some of the game's lingering questions?

We have some theories about The Frozen Wilds, and what it could mean for the story of Horizon Zero Dawn. Be warned; there be spoilers ahead.

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SCW19822138d ago

No, but it will be awesome.

Soulst0rmer2138d ago

I'm super excited to play this DLC. Horizon Zero Dawn is incredibly spectacular

StormLegend2138d ago

Probably..... I'm just ready to play it and explore the frozen lands.

CoryHG2138d ago

What why the characters have no damn personality? This game blows.

UCForce2138d ago

I don't think so, buddy. The game is so much more than you thought.

MetalGearsofWar2138d ago

Its a game made for SJWs, but its not horrible.

UCForce2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

"Sigh" I swear a god that SJWs are dumb as anti-SJWs. I hate being choose between left and right. This is where I started to hate you and them. For years, I have been questioned by these two. They asked me should I choose diversity or traditional route which gave me a lot of headaches. I rather let developers decide whatever they do with their games. Even someone said this : "Do I trust original people will lead the future by themselves? I don't know, but it's better than being lead by a person who has their own agenda".

MetalGearsofWar2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

Im not SJW nor anti-SJW.

UCForce2138d ago

Oh really ? In previous comments of your, you are basically anti SJW from get go. I played and finished HZD. The game is more than that.

MetalGearsofWar2138d ago

I do point out what games have an agenda and which dont. Personal observations.
You are free to buy and support any dev you want, and so do I.

UCForce2137d ago

Let me tell you this, this game have been developed about 6 years ago before the whole shenanigans begun in 2014. GG planned and crafted this game carefully ever since. GG said Aloy was original concept of the game. They wanted us gamer to know who she is and what her motivation is, not her gender. Aloy is a fan favorite. And there are bunch of cosplayers and fan arts based of her.

No Way2137d ago

SJW. Idk what SJW even stands for or what it is. :D

MetalGearsofWar2137d ago

SJW movement did not start this year nor last year, maybe around 2010.

UCForce2137d ago

I aware that back then. But 2014 was major impact on both sides and it caused huge conflict.

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guyman2137d ago

Just mark as spam and move on

G20WLY2137d ago

Mods don't seem to care anymore. They gave up a whole back, I think?

More Horizon is a good thing for anyone who enjoyed the game, which is everyone that played it, as far as I've seen.

The haters are those that can't play it. Simple as that.

Liqu1d2137d ago

Mods have abandoned this site. They posted updated guidelines yet have done nothing to enforce them. There is maybe 2 active moderators at most, the rest don't care. They'll be quick to mark this as inappropriate though.

rainslacker2137d ago


Mods aren't paid. They're all people who were part of the community at one time. They spent more time talking back then, and while I only knew coolbeans and christopher as their pre-mod selves, their comments were usually pretty good....particularly coolbeans. now, they barely talk.

Anyhow, it's rare people come along which show they would be appropriate as moderators. Either they don't know the actual rules of the site, or they have too much bias to make them be fair. I'm sure there are some that exist, but nowadays, they're harder to find, and I'd imagine a lot of them don't speak up much anymore based on the general tone that we see on N4G nowadays.

In any case, I don't know why anyone would want to be a mod. Might seem like it's cool because you can "clean things up", but realistically, it's just a hassle and it doesn't really offer much, if anything in return.

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2137d ago
RommyReigns2137d ago

Feldman9000, you have just earned a nomination for the 'Most Deluded Comment on N4G - July 2017', for obvious reasons.

Felsager2137d ago


"What why the characters have no damn personality? This game blows."

Here we have the testament of a true dumbass.


Felsager2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )


Get a PS4 and stop making these comments.

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Pantz2138d ago

Why everyone has such gross hair

bloop2138d ago

Because there's no hot showers, shampoo or hair dressers in a post apocalyptic world. Duh!!

Pantz2137d ago

People had hot baths, and ways to clean their hair lonngggg before the modern age. So you're saying they salvaged anything and everything from the machines, except for something that could be used as a hairbrush? Nope, they intentionally made the characters ugly for some reason.

bloop2137d ago

I was clearly being sarcastic.

UCForce2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

You didn't see enough,buddy. There is bath and other stuffs in HZD. The Meridian City have all the stuffs. They do use those fancy stuffs, but not like our world because this game is set post apocalyptic where Human restarted a new life and using machine part to survive, not just regular. Calling their hair ugly ? I don't think so. Not even that close.

Pantz2137d ago

Looks like rats nests on everyones heads. The machines are doing the right thing.

UCForce2137d ago

The machine was doing right thing. But it was messed up by someone later on. And no, you didn't see enough.

jznrpg2138d ago

Don't know but I know it will be good. Sony had made a ton of money from me this year, I anticipate next year being just as bad on my wallet.

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