Salt and Sanctuary could come to Nintendo Switch

Ska Studios developer James Silva has said he's looking into bringing Salt and Sanctuary to Nintendo Switch.

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PhoenixUp549d ago

A lot of games "could" come to NS

EddieNX 549d ago

And a lot are and a lot will. You didnt expect a 4 month old handheld to get every third party game? Itl take a year or so before it gathers pace

PhoenixUp549d ago

PS4 & XO didn't need a year to keep pace with third party support

EddieNX 549d ago

Theyre not handhelds, theyre established home consoles, Switch is more experimental which is why people take the wait and aproach. The first year for ps4 XB1 was bad exclusives and xbox 360 ports with a resoloution bump. Switches exclusives in year 1 are amazing.

PhoenixUp549d ago

NS isn't getting a lot of handheld centric games. Most of its games geared towards the console crowd

Mikhal5569549d ago

Its just the higher quality shovelware effect. All the publishers thought the first Wii was going to tank and jumped on late when they realized there was money to be made. They just underestimated the popularity of the Switch because the failure of the. "U"

Neonridr549d ago

Nope, but they had their share of ports / remasters during the first year of their existence too..

PhoenixUp548d ago

@ Neo

And they both received better third party support than NS. There was never a question of whether a game would arrive on those platforms

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549d ago
Nacho_Z549d ago

Great game. Wins on many levels.

jznrpg549d ago

Great game, bought for PS4 and I got it for free on Vita so I won't bother with the Switch. I want Switch to get it own games not stuff I own on PS4 and Vita

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