Why Can’t Nintendo Figure Out Online?

Nintendo had the chance to get online services right with the Switch, but still managed to fail. The Switch online app is a dumpster fire.

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PhoenixUp2141d ago

Nintendo has been underwhelming in their online efforts going on 12 years no, yet they always find new ways to disappoint

LOL_WUT2141d ago

They've always been a generation behind. It's like they didn't learn anything from the WiiU ;)

2pacalypsenow2141d ago

Right now they are 4 generations behind.

NotoriousWhiz2141d ago

Actually, the SNES classic is 4 generations behind.

Nodoze2141d ago

HAHAH a dumpster fire. So apt a description it almost brings tears to my eyes.

Pancit_Canton2141d ago

As long as Nintendo got all old people in the top executive level making decision like Kimishima, Miyamoto and Crazy Reggie. They would never figured out, how the internet works.

lptmg2141d ago

Kimishima looks like a person who has had fun once and hated it

lptmg2141d ago

yet there were Dreamcast games in 2000 with online chat...

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