IncGamers: Ninjatown Interview

IncGamers writes: "Speaking to Shawn Smith, the man behind Shawnimals, we discuss what the inspiration behind the game was, how it came into development and what Shawnimals fans expect from the new game.

Q: Ninjatown is based on Shawnimals. What gave you the idea to take the Shawnimals brand and create a game for the DS?

A: The original idea for Ninjatown came from some very general "making a Ninjatown game would be cool" discussions with my friends at Pickle King Productions, a game production company. But the idea really took a step towards reality after I was introduced to Jeremy Pope by the PKP guys. He's a freelance producer and years ago produced GTA3, Max Payne 2 and some other high profile stuff. We were just talking games we'd been playing, and the fact we were geeking out on Desktop Tower Defense, the DS in general resulted in Jeremy telling me of a concept he had… and it happened to be a great fit for the world of Ninjatown. We hit it off and started crafting a design doc out of enthusiasm for the idea."

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