PlayStation 4 outsold Xbox One and Nintendo Switch last month in the U.S.

Sony introduced a new model of its of its slim PlayStation 4, and that juiced sales for the console in June. The PS4 was the top-selling hardware platform last month ahead of Nintendo Switch or Microsoft's Xbox One, according to industry-tracking firm The NPD Group. The new gold 1TB slim PlayStation 4 drove those sales and led to the best June ever for PS4 system sales.

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TheColbertinator1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Hmm... the tide will turn. Just you all wait.

Muahaha. Good work for Nintendo. Those shortages sure are problematic.

dp2774071474d ago

we're waiting lol, i'll even help and buy a switch for my daughter.

DragonDDark1474d ago

Lol I bet he didn't expect that.

Mr Pumblechook1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

I predict that In November the Xbox One X will outsell the PlayStation 4 (in the USA), however things will return to the natural order in December.

LexHazard791474d ago

I doubt that...

WickedLester1474d ago

@Mr Pumblechook

It wont even outsell the Xbox One S.

JaguarEvolved1474d ago

The PlayStation deserves to win and it makes sense for a console that gets a lot of exclusive titles with a lot of third party titles. The Xbox one doesn't deserve to win because the pc has all it's games with better performance and graphics and xbl is free on the pc. The ps4 will most likely continue to win all npds until Microsoft has some insane deals where the xbox is a lot cheaper than the PlayStation and Microsoft will be giving away a lot of games for free. Xbox one x can probably win a month In the US but I highly doubt it

nitus101474d ago

@Mr Pumblechook

Yes, I do know that the XB1x will be releasing on the 7th November 2017 at a price of $500 USD. I will guarantee it will sell but how many with respect to the XB1slim that will be interesting.

If you are in the market for an XB1 as a present and assuming you are not a savvy console or PC gamer which includes most people would you seriously consider an XB1slim with some pack in games for about $200 to $250 USD or would you consider spending $250 to $300 USD with no pack in games for the XB1x?

BTW. It is possible that the XB1x will have at least one pack in game.

I have not even brought the PS4 or the Switch into the equation.

Ceaser98573611474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )


"I predict that In November the Xbox One X will outsell the PlayStation 4 (in the USA)"

we will see. .Sony will decrease the PS4 nd may be Pro price.... Sony will thrown in COD WW2 AND BF 2 bundles with discounts to capitalize Black Friday sales.. Not to forget HZD DLC release will happen around that time.... GT SPORTS Bundle may get announced.,.. So tough luck for Xbox one X releasing at 499 during that time..

Nintentional1474d ago

Your daughter has better taste in gamimg than you then lol

dp2774071473d ago

I love the remark at the end. I've said it before I own all consoles got the 3ds,2ds, wii, Wiiu, I have all the old consoles and PC, so no reason to buy an Xbox but I got Killer Instinct and Forza Horizon 3 but no just cause me and the majority play PS more you can't control ur own bowels and act like fools. My daughter games on PS and PC also she doesn't know about the Switch. Also anyone play Miscreated on PC the latest update makes it much better and can't wait to see where else it evolves.

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UCForce1474d ago

Don't get cocky. And please, stop talking like a cult.

ModiJi1474d ago

Thecolbertinator always jokes around and you guys always fell for the bait.😂

Aenea1474d ago


Doesn't sound like joking around, besides, people have been suspended for less....

1474d ago
UCForce1474d ago

@fleecejohnson75 I don't think so. He getting very cocky and nearly talking like a cult.

Bathyj1474d ago


Oh he's the master of baiting.

Why o why1474d ago

ModiJi. . . Agreed

It's almost like people haven't realised dude is doing this for sports and entertainment.

I'm a fan personally. .

Major_Glitch1474d ago

@why If this is what you lot describe as entertainment, then y'all seriously need to get out more and broaden your horizons. Maybe you should invest in a console that has games.

Outside_ofthe_Box1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )


It's fairly obvious TheColbertinator is just "joking around" or whatever. Whether you find it funny or not is a different matter.

Why o why1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )


The guy is always taking digs at my console of choice. He's literally trolling for fun. I just find it easy to compartmentalize him into the banter category as opposed to the the delusional one many bots/ponies occupy.

My horizons are fine. The ps is the only console I own this gen it's just I don't have a clit that tingles at every bit of bants or attack directed at the ps/Sony. Some people just like having fun. They don't mean what they say. The trick is knowing the difference

Kryptix1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

What jokes...

4 years signed up on N4G & I will tell you the truth, there's actual people that dumb & deluded.

Xbox fanboy: "Haha..ha guys, he's just joking.... don't embarass us colbert..."

While people are waiting for a wanna be mid tier PC that plays the same games, PS4 is killing it. According to the article, "The new gold 1TB slim PlayStation 4 drove those sales and led to the best June ever for PS4 system sales." Seems like it wasn't just that it outsold competition, but it broke it's own record for the month of June. It's only going to remain as strong with all the exclusives planned for the future.

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AspiringProGenji1474d ago

Sorry but the blackboard has run out space for yet another hopeful PS4 killer

Eonjay1474d ago

In what way? Remember, this is the PS4... not the Pro. For Xbox to beat it, the the S model has to put in work... For Nintendo to beat it it will need two things more units yes, and some deal to help it overcome the cheaper PS4.

TheColbertinator1474d ago

Once the Xbox One X decimates Sony,the PS4 era will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate.

Eonjay1474d ago

Oh, ok.
You know, if you have some time do a Google search for predictions at the start of the gen. As crazy as your comment is, it pales in comparison to some of the analyst predictions back then.

1474d ago
Sunny_D1474d ago

Please stop falling for his shenanigans. It's a waste of typing lmao.😂

objdadon1474d ago

Ps4 and ps4 pro are the sa.e family and sony counts them the same. Same will be for the one s and one x.

RommyReigns1474d ago

TheColbertinator, you've earned yourself a nomination for the 'Most Deluded Comment on N4G - July 2017' for the failed trollbait attempts.

Bathyj1474d ago

Ok. The Futurama reference just threw me. Is it possible he's actually joking and not as big a jerk as he seems?

No. Everyone's a jerk. You. Me. This jerk.

andrewsquall1474d ago

@The_Infected Dude, if it wasn't obvious from his first comment, that second one is obviously taking the piss. He may as well have said XboneX will deliver a royal flush onto Sony, buckaroo. :)

Ceaser98573611474d ago

"Once the Xbox One X decimates Sony,the PS4 era will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate."


aww!! You must be 5 year old and new to all this... But i like that confidence you got right there..

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UCForce1474d ago

You are a disrespectful and dishonorable gamer. I remember you said you wanted Sony to be kick out gaming console. Do you have any respect in you ? Or keep being jerk ?

segamaniaco1474d ago

Shortage won over xbox one s

Silly gameAr1474d ago

I think the xboxone X has some of you guys gassed up lol.

KickSpinFilter1474d ago

Gassed up in a McLaren F1 but with only two wheels.

OB1Biker1474d ago

Are you being serious lately or just...flipped a switch?

RommyReigns1474d ago

'Hmm... the tide will turn. Just you all wait. '

When Pigs Fly...

Angeljuice1474d ago

Swine Flu (a few years ago).

LexHazard791474d ago

This isnt sea level stuff.

Bathyj1474d ago

Yeah, the 2 million X's Microsoft sell in the first year of launch are sure to bolster their numbers.

BIGBOSS081474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Atleast they'll be selling like 7m per year instead of 5m. Lol. What a boost!

C-H-E-F1474d ago

Tide will turn to what? lOl XOX will take November/December because it's newly released and the holiday season, however January - end of gen everything will go back to normal, just like it did with the switch.

Ceaser98573611474d ago

"XOX will take November/December because it's newly released and the holiday season, "

I feel gamers will choose the PS4 which will get discounted with COD WW2 and BF 2 releasing and Sony having their marketing rights.. Sony will be gearing up for Black friday sales with Discounts, Bundles.. Xbox one x will sale but most will be looking to save and get more.. PS4/PRO has an advantage..

txboy051474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Sadness. Well while you wait 4 months I'll be playing that Nier and Yakuza 0 I just ordered off Amazon. I play you wait lol.

S2Killinit1474d ago

The tide? Maybe xbonex will sell for a couple or maybe a few months, then it will go back to PS4 because of the games.

Ceaser98573611474d ago

"Hmm... the tide will turn. Just you all wait. "


Major_Glitch1474d ago

LOL! The MS community doesn't seem to be taking the news well.

Tear1111474d ago

We have had waited for 3 years.

2pacalypsenow1473d ago

Holy crap 148 dislikes lol

Welshie041473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Without compelling games, the tides shall remain the very same.

trooper_1473d ago

I...really can't take you seriously.

You sound like some cheesy B-rated villian, lol.

Anyways, Sony continues to body.

Captain_Tom1473d ago

This is one of the last, if not the last console Nintendo makes before they finally go third party. Screenshot this if you don't believe me and we will talk in 3-6 years...

CaptainObvious8781473d ago

I really would like it to be, because I would love to be able to play some ninty exclusives where they are forced to develop to HD standards on an actual decent piece of hardware, and without having to waste money on a weak, overpriced console lacking basic features core gamers expect in the year 2017.

But I fear there's just enough ninty fanboys that have zero standards, that would jump at the chance to buy a turd wrapped in a mario cape, that will buy enough switches to keep ninty thinking they don't need to change and can keep releasing low quality, low powered hardware.

3-4-51473d ago

PS4 is going to keep selling really well for another 3-4 years. Switch would be at the top if not for the shortage of flash chips that Apple is hoarding....but still decent sales regardless.

I'd say it will be around Dec or even like feb/march 2018 before there are enough Switches to buy

madpuppy1473d ago

ooh! ooh!! I got one! "Just wait till E3, It will be over for Sony then!!!"

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Overload1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

There was a big leak yesterday, the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One 2:1 in the US in 2017 and is 15% than it's average in 2015, which was it's previous highest. It also sold more in June than the Xbox and Switch combined. It's going to hit 70M this year. Crazy.

RpgSama1474d ago

You can see with Ubisoft that in the USA in 2017 software sales were 44% Ps4 and 22% Xbox, so that actually reaffirms the 2:1 advantage not only in hardware but in the all important software department.

yomfweeee1474d ago

Don't spread your false information. Ubisoft did not reveal any console specific numbers for any regions.

yomfweeee1474d ago


It doesn't say that 44% of Sales in the USA were on PS4. That is worldwide. You can't just assume it is the same in the USA, which we know has a heavier Microsoft presence.

I'm sorry you guys can't understand statistics.

Breakdown By Platform

PlayStation 4 – 44% (up from 31% in Q1 2016-17)
Xbox One – 22% (down 1%)
PC – 21% (down 5%)
Others (mobile, etc) – 11% (down 1%)
PS3, Xbox 360, Wii & Wii U – 2% (down 6%)
Breakdown By Region

North America – 50% (down 2%)
Europe – 32% (up 3%)
Rest of world – 18% (down 1%)

KickSpinFilter1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Well in all fairness the XB1 numbers have dropped simply because consumers are waiting to see what a XB1X is all about. Once it's out you'll see numbers rise again for the XB1s and X, just like what happened when people were waiting for the pro to come out. XB1s&X will probably be top selling consoles for Holiday season (because of launch) then will drop and PS4s&pro will take the lead again.

Cmv381474d ago

In all fairness, the ps4 numbers around this time as people waited for the pro. But did the xb1 ever best the ps4 in a month by double? Real question....

BlackTar1871474d ago

well to be fair everyone was laughing at who said PS4 numbers were down due to the wait for ps4pro.
i remember hearing this is a luxury item and for the hardcore gamer which and i agree with are like 10-20% of the actual userbase

bluefox7551474d ago

That will account for a small drop, but not the majority of the drop.

cell9891474d ago

Dang you guys are savages especially Cmv38

InTheLab1473d ago

Pay $200 more for multiplatform titles and Crackdown? I honestly don't think so. If you are jumping on to the Xbox, the XB1S is the best choice as it will be bundled and have more Value than just same games in 4k.

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trooper_1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

My God, it's PS2 all over again.

@ yom, it still shows the PS4 crippling the XB1. It doesn't have to be specific numbers.

CaptainObvious8781473d ago

It really refreshing to see the general public at large actually has a few brain cells to rub together and can see the huge amount of value the PS4 has over the xbone.