Was It a Good Idea for Bethesda to Make DOOM's DLC Free?

Doom's Update 6.66 now bundles the game's DLC with the base game, but should Bethesda have decided to give previously paid DLC away for free?

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hiredhelp2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

Yes if there making a change in there policy of DLC in future games and tryin to make a change in the industry Then yes.
We have to put stop to this cheap [email protected] DLC start pushing for real expansions at half the cost of a game like we once used to see.

aarogree2072d ago

What the game calls DLC other games call free updates. DLC should be more like, I dunno, a short side-campaign where you play as a demon and see the world from their perspective. Or a continuation of the story.

starboy112072d ago

It definitely was if it pushes more people to pick up the game

aarogree2072d ago

Well, there's also the free weekend and the $15 sale.

Yi-Long2072d ago

Well, I wasn't going to pick it up, and now I will.

Injusticewarrior2072d ago

It's great. Do it.
Single player is outstanding, MP is much better with all the dlc.

2072d ago
windblowsagain2072d ago

When DLC comes out, it fks up the community.

Servers start supporting all maps, and if you don't have you get booted out.

Happened on BF4 on servers I played on.

All free now.

New Maps for any MP game should be free.

Only SP add-ons should cost.

walken72072d ago

Well said. Nice to see a good comment on here, it's a rarity. DLC totally screws up MP games, it should be reserved for SP. It's part of the reason I haven't picked up a MP game in ages.

bloop2071d ago

It really is a pain in the ass when paid maps split the community. I was really enjoying BF1 operations, but since the new maps landed I couldn't get into a game anymore and haven't bothered going back to it in months now.

BlacKJesu52071d ago

Free premium for the week

bloop2071d ago

Free premium on BF1?? What date does the free week start from?? I'm so close to buying the maps as I was loving the operations. I won't get a chance to jump back on the PS4 until Thursday.

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The story is too old to be commented.