Lovely Harley Quinn Play Arts Figure Revealed By Square Enix

This DC Comics Variant Harley Quinn Play Arts Kai figure is sure to make a beautiful addition to your figure collection.

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InKnight7s486d ago

I dont know why playart become a huge thing. It ruining the great chance to have special collections of figures. The cheap rounded joints thing in so annoying and as if we are buying Spider Man toy from Toys R Us.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI486d ago

I feel you on this. IMO though some figures are definitely better than others. Gabranth for instance, his joints are piratically invisible.

InKnight7s486d ago

That why he is my only FF playart. The quality and details are amazing but space between the body parts as example in Gladious is so weird and ugly although he is best from FFXV until they release Aranea which is perfect as Gabranth.

GameBoyColor486d ago

I love what Nomura does for DC characters. The designs are pretty fantastic visually.

Summons75486d ago

Looks like Herley Quinn meets Demon's Souls' Woman in Black and the Silent Hill Nurse. Not a bad think, I like it.

Fist4achin486d ago

Pretty cool. I most likely wont buy it, but i do appreciate the details and design