Man Pays +$40,000 to Look like Squall from Final Fantasy VIII

You've read the title right folks. This 21 year old guy from Malaysia spent more than 41 grand so that he could look like Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII, it's a very controversial move however.

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derkasan2074d ago

All he needs now is a Gunblade

Sam Fisher2074d ago ShowReplies(1)
Sam Fisher2074d ago

Why the hell am i marked inappropriate, the article said people were getting at him bc he changed his entire imagery from malaysian to a white boy model. Thats white washing in definition

Relientk772073d ago

And to actually look like Squall

Snookies122074d ago

You mean he went with Squall instead of Zell?? Pshh, wasted opportunity... Lol.

KwokXi2074d ago

Squall is hot, he was my first videogame crush, this guy is so far away from hot, he just looks weird :c

jznrpg2074d ago

He doesn't even look like him

pasta_spice2074d ago

Squall was based off River Phoenix, so it would have made more sense if he spent that money trying to look like Phoenix (a real person) rather than this....abomination.

rainslacker2074d ago

Yeah....but who wants to look like River Phoenix? Even River Phoenix doesn't want to be River Phoenix.

DigitalCentralMedia2074d ago

He doesn't look like Squall at all. What a waste of money

Sureshot2074d ago

You could say squallered away his wealth...

No, I'm not seeing myself out. Joke was clever

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The story is too old to be commented.