The Tech Report Review: Gigabyte's 3D Mars enclosure

Joshua Buss writes:

"Gigabyte used to be known only for its motherboards, and without a doubt that remains the core of its business. We've consistently been impressed with the range of mobo models the company offers and the careful execution that has delivered quality products with excellent performance. The firm's high-end boards combine phenomenal overclocking potential with a rich array of expansion capabilities. A few extras get dropped further down the line, but you'll still find plenty of reliable, stable, and overclocking-friendly offerings at affordable prices.

What does this have to do with cases, though? Well, not much, except that a few years ago, Gigabyte started to branch out from its core business into other areas, including cases. The first enclosure we saw from Gigabyte was the 3D Aurora, which offered a novel design philosophy and aesthetics, but failed to set itself apart from the rest of the market. Undeterred, Gigabyte has made several cases since then, including the Aurora-ish 3D Mars that we're reviewing today. The 3D Mars might even be considered the successor to the 3D Aurora, but I think that more of the quality we've come to expect from Gigabyte is present in this latest all-aluminum offering. Let's have a look at why."

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