Procedural Generation: Where can it go from here?

Rob explores the history of procedural generations and asks where can it go from here? No Man's Sky & Elite show us the possibilities but seem to fall short.

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Skull521459d ago

I don't think procedural generated content will ever be nearly as good as well crafted content.

-Gespenst-459d ago

Honestly, I hope it goes back where it came from. Games that are meticulously hand-crafted and which are labors of love will always trump procedural generation. I feel like you just can't get that detailed with procedural generation - It's easy to tell a procedurally generated game from a hand-crafted one.

C-H-E-F458d ago

Uhm, weren't they supposed to make a HUGE announcement today?? [NO MAN'S SKY]

RobBeckett458d ago

Intrigued to see what they've come up with... would nice if they get the game close to what they originally planned