Strategy Informer: The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria Preview

Strategy Informer writes: "Along with the one on one interview with Jeffrey Steefel, Strategy Informer was also lucky enough to be part of the first UK hands on session of Turbine's new LOTRO expansion – Mines of Moria. Journalists and fan base alike were treated to a 45 minute presentation, along with the chance to try out one of the two new classes and explore the Mines themselves. The talk was also given by Steefel, and he talked us through what he called a "full-featured retail expansion" and not just "another update" like some people thought this would be.

The first thing they emphasised is that Moria is not simply a dungeon, it's not an added instance or a 'crawl' – it's a whole new world, just underground. Turbine has actually used it's improved engine to create Moria as if it were another landscape. Steefel even goes as far to claim that you can walk from one end of Moria to another without teleporting (like you would when you enter a house), something that "no other MMO or RPG can do with a space this big," he says."

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