The Nintendo Switch Online app is a complete waste of phone space

The Nintendo Switch Online app is a complete waste of phone storage, home screen space, and time in almost every facet of its design.

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Tetsujin2145d ago

After reading the article I'm tempted to download the Nintendo app just to see how bad it really is. I do believe the author, at the same time I can provide feedback to Nintendo regarding why I use other services for my chatting needs outside their poor service. If Nintendo had "beta" after their app I can understand the frustrations and concerns; but since this is their "full service" this is unacceptable.

porkChop2145d ago

It is a beta release, but not a very good one.

PhoenixUp2145d ago

The worst part is that Nintendo wants you to eventually pay for it

Summons752144d ago

In half a year or more so there is plenty of time to provide feedback so they can improve it. It's a mess right now but so was XBL and PSN when they first started too.

Servbot412144d ago

I remember playing Monster Hunter on the PS2 with randoms AND friends just fine without the need for phone apps. So no, it's a bigger mess than even PS2's network.

PhoenixUp2144d ago

Nintendo has had 12 years of feedback in their online efforts and they're still screwing up, so don't get your hopes up.

Even when they do make a small accomplishment in the online realm, they still make various other mistakes.

PSN & XBL never made such boneheaded decisions when they debuted, and any mistakes they did make were quickly fixed whereas it usually takes Nintendo a new generation to make substantial improvements.

2144d ago