We’ve Finally Achieved Toy Story Level Graphics In Video Games, And Nobody Seems To Care

Remember all the buzz around the Playstation 2 era about Video Games finally achieving Toy Story level of graphics?

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Pancit_Canton1641d ago

Go play Ratchet and Clank. I think game already surpassed any pixar movies, especially if you are playing the PSPRO version. We came a long way, especially if you have games like uncharted lost legacy, God of war, the last of us 2 and more pushing the boundaries into more realism.

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Neonridr1640d ago

I dunno man.. some of the more recent movies are incredible in certain regards. The Good Dinosaur has some of the most impressive skyboxes I have ever seen. And Piper (an animated short) has some of the most unbelievable sand and water around.

That being said, games really are starting to push the boundaries no joke.

EddieNX 1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

We've certainly hit Pixar level from 20 years ago but games will always be a few steps behind modern CGI. Animation these days is mind blowing.

The 10th Rider1640d ago

Yeah, exactly. This article is comparing a game from nowadays to a movie from 22 years ago.

Game graphics have nothing on things like the skyboxes and water in The Good Dinosaur, the sand in Piper, the hair in Brave, etc . . .

Pretty much any movie from the past five years or so runs circles around game graphics. It'll always be that way because movies use rooms full of computers filled with GPUs that cost more than an entire console.

gbsrnctaln1640d ago

Moana looked amazing as well.

Rude-ro1640d ago

Horizon zero dawns sky is beyond amazing for a video game.

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cartoonx11640d ago

that's not true atall. the cutscene in RnC are close to pixar the gameplay not. also the recent pixar movies are far ahead of what we have in games today. the fluid animations/physics/GI games are not close let alone surpassing.

Darkwatchman1640d ago

I never played ratchet and clank on a standard ps4 so I don't know how it holds up on a 1080p display, but playing it on a 4K tv on a ps4 pro, that was the first time a stylized game has ever made me go "wow" consistently throughout the entire game.

I remember when ratchet and clank made its PS3 debut and reviews always said it looked like or came close to playing a Pixar film. Even in those days, those graphics never blew me away. I was like "this is what people are hyping up?"

But ratchet and clank on ps4 pro is absolutely stunning. It is the first stylized game I have ever played that legitimately made me think "wow, this looks like a cg movie"

Krussail1640d ago

Ratchet and Clank is a good example, but it still comes nowhere near Disney or Pixar

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deafdani1640d ago

"Any Pixar movie"?

No, dude. Current gen graphics can definitely surpass old animated movies, but this story is comparing Toy Story in-game graphics to Toy Story... a movie that came out in 22 years ago.

But games still have a very long way to go before they can achieve something like this:

Current gaming hardware can't come close to this. When the time comes that games manage to look as good as that... 3D movies will still look another level beyond. It's just the way it is.

LAWSON721640d ago

I have not seen Moana but odds are its water effects shit all over the best water physics found in gaming (whatever that maybe, UC4?)

XanderZane1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Hhhmm.. no Even Ratchet and Clank wasn 't at Pixar's movie level. Their resolution is still higher.
SquareEnix/Disney Kimgdom Heart III is very close though now. In 4K it will look almost the same. I think by next-gen they will be there.

Toy Story has better graphics then Horizon: Zero Dawn, Anthem and every game on PS4, PS4 Pro, XB1 and XB1X right now. They are getting there, but they are there yet.

Let me know when you can play a game that looks this good.

Big_Game_Hunters1640d ago

"Surpassed any pixar movies" . Thats some Straight 10/10 delusion right there folks.

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ChickeyCantor1640d ago

>. I think game already surpassed any pixar movies,

Takes hours to render, but a game surpasses it


rocketpanda1640d ago

That was just painful to read because you actually believe it.

andrewsquall1639d ago

@Pancit_Canton And that's the Ratchet and Clank games from LAST gen. :) And Insomniac Games said it themselves that nobody cared they targeted 60fps.

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Sciurus_vulgaris1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

I disagree, games don't revile recent Pixar animated films. Games are never as 'clean' and 'even' looking as CG films. The gap between animated films and games has narrowed though.

Phill-Spencer1640d ago

Yes. I think videogames are always 3 to 4 gens behind when it comes to visual. It should be common sense that there is a vast difference between a movie which gets animated on some kind of super computer, achieved with state of the art tech and a videogame which has to be rendered in real time by an ordinary consumer product, let it be high to low end pcs or consoles, it doesn't matter.

But videogames have come a long way indeed. When i think about how amazing for example doom looked for me back in the days and when i compare them to games from today, wow

Sciurus_vulgaris1640d ago

I think the dimenishing returns of GPU and CPU hardware, are one of the main reasons games can't catch up to CGI. Another reason, is certainly cost per asset.

OoglyBoogly1640d ago

It's funny, if you rewatch Toy Story now it's easy to notice all the little glitches and what not. Watch the beginning with Woody on Andy's bed and you can see his hands clip through the blanket all the time. Pretty interesting to notice it now being use to it from 3D games the past 20 years. I expect so much more out of my modern CGI films!

But yeah, it's usually the polygon count in CGI that set it apart. Even with our modern renditions of the characters in KH3 characters like Buzz are still ever so slightly "blocky" in his shoulders and other rounder parts of his body. Easily throws our sense of immersion off.

The_Sage1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

If you watch the trailer, it does look better than the original Toy Story from the 90s...

Z5011640d ago

Cartoonish CG never impressed. I'm more impressed with CG like KingsGlaive. I prefer hand-drawn animation overall.

Ricegum1640d ago

That film had amazing CG. All throughout it I was amazed by it. I hope Square make more movies to be honest. Looking forward to watching the new Resident Evil Vendetta too.

SegaGamer1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

I hate this CGI look in animation now. Traditional animation is the best animation, by far.

Ashunderfire861640d ago

Horizon Zero Dawn already achieved this even with the base PS4! Heck both Uncharted 4 and 1886 are runner up that also did this.

Krussail1640d ago

Horizon looks great, but not nearly as sharp.. Uncharted and Order are pretty lean on gameplay

OoglyBoogly1640d ago

What's being "lean" on gameplay have to do with comparing game graphics to a movie?

KickSpinFilter1640d ago

LOL Uncharted is not lean on game play son, Order however is, including A.I.

goken1640d ago

pixar Movies have pretty much no game play.
so what's your point?

Krussail1640d ago

@oogly - lean Gameplay allows for better graphics.. Just look at Doctor Dekker, you can go full FMV

@KickSpin - Uncharted is tightly directed set pieces, with the most basic of gameplay elements.. Anyways, thanks Dad..

@Goken - not worth addressing

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Weeblordbad1640d ago

The level of detail, physics, unique assets, lack of aliasing etc all say no.

I'm not saying those games aren't visually impressive, but do you think in a Pixar movie if they had armed men(The rebels are all clones) like in The Order they would continue to use the same 5 guys over and over again? It's those kinds of details that will always visually elevate CGI movies over a game.

Gh05t1640d ago

"Nobody Seems To Care"

I must have missed the 4+ articles about it...

Shakengandulf1640d ago

Yeap.. just bait articles as always.