Gears Cracks Japanese Top Ten Sales Charts

This week's Japanese sales charts are frightening! There's an Xbox 360 game on the list, meaning this report must have come from the Bizarro World Branch of Media Create or that the Japanese are starting to come around on this Xbox 360 thing.

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Juevani5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

whats all over? its 1 freakin title from that elien on the chart. the selling days is prolly over for that game in japan after the first week, all the jacky chans (360 owners) over there got it now, what more?? hardware sales?? its still look like hell for the 360 over there, face it now and stop making every small detail for the 360 a super big news.

BIadestarX5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

Stop talking, since you make things for the xbox 360 even better than what they are. Yes, no one expect this in Japan.

As you sony fanboys said before the PS3 already sold more consoles than the 360 did in Japan in the first month. That said, what it's concerning is that Resistance (best PS3 game) is no where to be seem in that list. Heck not one PS3 game. Let's not forget this is Sony's home. LOL.

Now shut up! Or be slapped! One more word and you will see what I do to you!

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TheMART5216d ago

Didn't your multiple accounts were banned???

Mods please ban Juevani completely with all of his accounts instead of only reducing his bubbles on his multiple accounts.

He's useless. He can't rap and he can't put out posts without swearing, calling names or bad mouth in general.

ArmrdChaos5216d ago

Maybe if you wiped Sony's money shot off of your face you would actually be able to see the facts before you. Gears is selling over put whatever fantasy spin you want on it to help you sleep at night. You really are incapable of coming up with anything intelligent to say. It is the same ole crap 24/7 with you. Blah blah blah 360 sucks blah blah blah...oh yeah, your mom...blah blah blah. Just take you and your 1 bubble clones and throw yourselves into the sun because the only purpose you serve on earth is to pollute our air supply. If you don't have anything intelligent/meaningful to say then say nothing.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

Boo hoo, cry, wah wah, tears, sadness and depression. You know your true anger should be at Sony for letting an American game get in Japan. Hey Juevani, What’s it like to watch Sony lose? You know what’s great, I don’t need links to show there losing when reality works just fine and I can just come here and read the headlins. Now you be a good Sony lapdog and buy there “Blu-Ray player” Oh I’m sorry I forgot “game console”. I know how you Sony fans hate to be reminded that it’s a DVD player/Console without any games, which just makes it a DVD player which is what Sony was pushing all along.

Damn Juevani you may need therapy after this is over just to cope with the loss of someone so special LOLOLOL.

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DC RID3R5216d ago

out of the top 20 japanese sales, NOT 1 ps3 title !?!?! nucca PLEASE! (ROFL)

all i'm sayin is: "DON'T fu*k with the COLE train BABY."


FirstknighT5216d ago

Thats pretty impressive for a game that screams Americana!!! And that's 33,000 SOLD OUT!!! I wonder whats going to happend when they start to restock! Gears of War is a masterpiece!!! Its good to see alot of people from around the world get to experience it!

MicroGamer5216d ago

An American game in the Japanese top 10 sales?? Imagine if they had shipped enough games to meet the demand. They would easily sell enough consoles to pass PS3.

TheMART5216d ago

"1. .hack//G.U. Vol. 3 (PS2) - 136,790 / new
2. Wario: The Seven (DS) - 91,249 / new
3. Shining Force EXA (PS2) - 72,306 / new
4. Wii Sports (WII) - 57,418 / 851,535
5. Wii Play (WII) - 45,724 / 764,813
6. Dragon Shadow Spell (PS2) - 40,541 / new
7. Gears of War (360) - 33,212 / new
8. Seikaiju Maze (DS) - 32,511 / new
9. Common Knowledge Training (DS) - 31,735 / 1,130,647
10. More Brain Age (DS) - 29,626 / 3,868,279

Such variety! Hit the jump for the next ten.

11. New Super Mario Brothers (DS)
12. Animal Crossing Wild World (DS)
13. Excite Truck (WII)
14. Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (PSP)
15. Tea Dog's Room DS 2 (DS)
16. Mario Kart DS (DS)
17. Pokémon Diamond (DS)
18. English Training (DS)
19. Kanji Brain Test 2M (DS)
20. Healthy Support Recipe 1000 (DS)"

So what the heck happens there???

No Resistance or other PS3 title in the list of 20 top selling list... That's bad guys.

It's like I said before. PS players don't buy games 1.5 attach rate @ launch, it's still frightning low I say. As they also don't buy much BluRay movies probably.

They buy just for the brand. Sony looses it's clear.

Japan is for Nintendo with Wii and DS. The rest of the world takes 360 as the gaming device

eclipsegryph5216d ago

I think you might be on to something here.

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