Blu-ray and HD-DVD: What You Need to Know

What is High-Definition DVD? High-definition DVD is a generic term for the next generation of DVD technology, which can burn more information onto the same size disc as your current CDs and DVDs. Like a DVD, it can be used for either video or computer data. But you'll need new hardware to play a hi-def disc on either your TV or your PC.

Why should you care? Because the quality of a hi-def DVD movie greatly outpaces that of a standard DVD, displaying images in real HDTV resolution. Users report that the picture is stunning, though the quality increase may be lost on those who aren't videophiles.

Similarly, the ability to put more data on a single optical disc is good for computer users. Backups can be burned to fewer discs, requiring fewer disc swaps and generally being less of a headache to use. However, since DVD is only now becoming popular for program distribution, hi-def probably has a decade or more to go before finding a use for commercial software.

There are two competing formats of hi-def DVD: Blu-ray and HD-DVD. Much like VHS and BetaMax, they are incompatible, and eventually only one standard is likely to "win," although both should theoretically output video at the same quality and resolution. The jury's out on which will be the victor: Momentum swings from one side to the other every couple of months. Some observers feel that neither may end up winning: That hi-def DVD may soon go the way of laserdisc. Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, read on to see what you need to know about the two competing formats.

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PS360PCROCKS6603d ago

Am I the only one who already knew all of this? This isn't really news...

THELANDSOFSAND6603d ago (Edited 6603d ago )

yeah, not news.
but i suppose it's a good summary.
how long before this becomes a 360 vs PS3 thread, I wonder...

"Users report that the picture is stunning, though the quality increase may be lost on those who aren't videophiles"

so thats like, 99% of consumers!

XboxKing6603d ago

I knew most of this info in this story to.
But with all the fighting I see on this web page about PS3 vs Xbox 360; I thought this would be good to help being things into light about Blue-ray vs HD-DVD.

PS360PCROCKS6603d ago

lol yep your right...I can notice the different though I am technological lover, anything you plug in I like lol

PS360PCROCKS6603d ago

Oh hey does anyone else just randomly go to Best buy to walk around and check stuff out? Cause I know I do quite a lot

HyperBear6603d ago (Edited 6603d ago )

I once went there for about 3hrs, just staring at wat LCD tv's would be awsome for my Xbox 360, then ended up looking at games for an hour, then at computers, then at laptops, and when all that time of staring at stuff, looking at specs, and not buying anything came around, I had spent close to 5hrsa at that store, looking at stuff and buying nuthing

The Real Deal6603d ago

lol...I do to. I think we all do. Our dreams of what we wish we had always out ways the money we actually have to spend on it. lol...I do it often. Its funny but very true.

joemutt6603d ago

I want to slap that salesguy, "No you moron, I didnt need any help 30 minutes ago when you asked and I dont need help now."

Seriously, do I look like a 65 year old woman? I know more about electronics than they do, I can decide which TV I want all by myself.

HyperBear6603d ago

When you look at it, they both pretty much have the equal # of advantages and disadvantages. I mean Blu-Ray has got more of a backing catalog than HD DVD, and it had 50GB of storage to HD DVD' 45. But then HD DVD is 600 bucks less, already has about 30 movies out there, and the movies will also be cheaper, and it does the pretty close to the same thing as Blu-Ray. Its going to be interesting to see which one consumers will pick, either Xbox 360 or PS3, either Blu-Ray Player, or HD DVD Player. It basically comes dowen to if you want great, powerful technology that can do a lot of things and still outperform, then you'd get Blu-Ray. If you want something cheaper, and the same quality, just not as much storage and backing, then you should get HD DVD. "Only Time Will Tell"

kidvideo6603d ago

When they first announced the DVD player in 1997 I drove 90 miles to best buy to get one on the day they were released and spent $500 for an open boxed return because that all they had left. I was so excited to see the dramatic difference in picture and sound quality and I was not disappointed. It was 3 - 4 years later before DVD's reaaly took off an began to replace the VHSs in the local video stores. I make this point for two reasons. I think becase their was a HUGH difference between the quality of VHS and DVD it sold us all. The cost to but a VHS movie was way higher that the cost of DVD, You didn't have to rewind, you had added features (Even though none of us watched them) and it worked on your exsisting TV. Bluray and HD DVD will give you a beeter picture quality but at waht cost $1000!!! Even at $600 for a PS3, I dont want to replace or better yet can't afford to replace the over 600 DVD collection for a slightly better picture. Further more what about the digital conection, no one is talking about this. If you are one of the 2 - 5% of USA that has a High DeF TV, most of which do not have an HDMI connection you wont be able to get the full benefit of HD without plugging into this port. I have two HD tV's and each one has only 1 HMDI input. I have DirectTV HD plugged in both TV whic don't leave me another port other than Component for Bluray or HD. I have a XBOX 360 plugged into the component or composite I forget which is which. Where are you now going to plug the next devise requiring HMDI as Bluray is advocating? I dont know that they maufature a machine with 2, 3 or more HMDI ports. Do you really want to crawl behend your TV to Swap out the PS3, the HD Dish all day??????

One of these two formats will die, and sice HD plays on your exsisting DVD player and cost about half as much, I think the walmart buyer will go for the HD and pass on Bluray which the audiofiles will garb just like the Laser Disc. Laser Disc had great quality but was cost prohibative and the DVD took it out. I expect it to go the same way. For me I'll sit this one out for a year or two. Time will tell.

noSpecialCharsAllowd6602d ago (Edited 6602d ago )

are u sure!? u do mean hd-dvd rite? hmm.. do u noe wat ure talking about.. coz its messy.. even if it does.. that defeats the purpose of buyin a hddvd movie rite.. y not buy dvd..

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MaximusPrime_3d ago

I remember good old years of RRoD

purple1013d ago

Not to mention, #scratchgate

And also taking your hard drive to your mates in a backpack, only to get there and find “Error 80072EF3 data is corrupted”

Great one. LAN party Night ruined.

darthv723d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Dont know about the hard drive one, but if you were doing a LAN party then you'd take the whole system... not just the hard drive. As for scratched discs, yeah that was an issue for all of those optical drive based systems. I had ps1 and ps2 scratch discs, same with dreamcast, saturn and 3do. Come to find out that you really shouldnt be moving the systems while the discs are spinning... go figure.

One system i never had that problem with was the og xbox, only because it was built like a tank and weighed just as much.

purple1013d ago

you take the hard drive when there are already multiple xboxs there, but you want your account, ie your level 32 on halo, but your mates only level 12, and you intend to go online at some point, etc.

360 scratched disks even without moving the console, laser alignment was off.

shinoff21832d ago

Darth those scratching disc issues weren't just from moving the console, it was an issue while just sitting still as well

Einhander19722d ago (Edited 2d ago )


Yes CD get scratched, but the 360 issue was that the disk drive spindle put the disk back onto the tray before it stopped spinning. That was not the case with PS1 or PS2.

The 360 had an actual problem caused by the hardware itself. The disks would get circular scratches from the disk spinning on top of the tray.

And I own plenty of PS1 and PS2 games and none of them have that type of scratches. Where as the 360 games I own all have this exact type of scratch.

This isn't even really a debatable thing, it went to up to the supreme court. Who didn't rule on the case and sent it back to the lower court where Microsoft settled instead of having to face a class action and admit that the 360 had yet another major flaw.

S2Killinit2d ago

I had disc scratch issue with xbox, even without moving it, but not with other consoles. With xbox if you moved your console, it was game over for your disc as far as I remember. You could hear it.

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 2d ago
Reaper22_2d ago

True. Still spanked the ps3 though.


shinoff21832d ago

It didn't though in the end Ms stopped supporting it halfway through and ps3 ended up with better games. Last of us over everything released that gen, alone.

Far as sales ps3 was also on top of the 360

darthv723d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Great system marred with poor design choices in its early life. From the first redesign on though... it was nearly flawless. and the games hold up remarkably well still to this day.

Kinect would be the only late in life blemish, but one that 'thankfully' didnt last for too long. Its a really cool piece of camera tech... just not that great for games.

purple1013d ago

I actually thought Kinect was good, they could have tried harder with it and found some success,

the only problem was them including it bumping up the price, they could have had a bundle with it included and another without, but they only had the one bundle, so people felt forced into it.

Kurisu2d ago

Will the 360 games still be available to buy on Series X|S, or is that going as well?

darthv722d ago

BC ones will.