What the Handheld War means for MMOs

Massively: "Mobile and handheld games are far and away the most popular forms of electronic entertainment on the planet. As much as we MMO players might feel smug about World of Warcraft's playerbase, as much as console gamers might like to revel in the trajectory of Wii sales, both markets are peanuts in comparison to the mobile/handheld market. Let's face it: everyone has a cell phone. Even in developing nations, the ratio of people to phones is approaching 1:1. Every single one of those devices is a gaming platform. The handheld consoles purpose-built for gaming aren't quite as popular, but their relatively inexpensive price tags and portability make them far and away the best selling specific-gaming devices on the planet. Every one of these millions of devices is a potential MMO client. The era of handheld MMO gaming isn't a matter of 'if', but 'when'."

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