It is very likely that The Walking Dead, Batman and The Wolf Among Us may come to Nintendo Switch

Yesterday, Telltale shocked their fans with the announcement of new seasons for three of their fan-favourite popular titles: The Walking Dead, Batman and, an unexpected one, The Wolf Among Us. But will they come to Nintendo switch?

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PhoenixUp1230d ago

It's even more possible it's not with the way Telltale shuns Nintendo with everything except Minecraft

bluefox7551229d ago

Well, these games have been able to run on phones for years now, so there's really no excuse for Switch.

Chumdiddy1229d ago

I don't see why not. They could probably port the Android apk files over in a day.

Istolla1229d ago

That's not how this works. The Switch can't run Android APK files. What do you mean by porting the APK files?

Chumdiddy1228d ago

The switch is a glorified gaming tablet, Nvidia Tegra and all. I'd bet one day's work could have their already made Android apks ready for Switch. It's the same exact hardware.

Istolla1228d ago

If they bring the game to Switch, it would have nothing to do with Android APKs...

N4Gwarrior1228d ago

They can probably emulate it to switch.