'90s arcade lives on as '90s Super GP on Switch, PS4, and PC

Nicalis and developer Pelikan13 have revived the game for Switch, PS4, and PC.

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darthv72550d ago

I figured this was dead after the creator went silent and focused all his work on the takeover (streets of rage homage).

darthv72550d ago (Edited 550d ago )

Odd that they would no longer be releasing it on xb. Especially since it was listed along with pc, nintendo and ps. That was last several years ago though.

DARK_WOLF550d ago (Edited 550d ago )

To release on pc and not xbox is intentional.

Its takes no time at all to port from pc to xbox so that really sucks theyve chosen to exclude xbox on purpose

Venox2008550d ago

Nice to see game is alive

Yi-Long550d ago

Great news. Been keeping an eye on this for a few years now, has the potential to be very nice, and happy it will be coming to PS4.

darthv72550d ago

it is rather surprising. I figured pelikan was so focused on the takeover that he had given up on this one.

Segata550d ago

If it gets physical I will double dip on PS4 and Switch. The care in that screen looks a lot like Scud Racer. Awesome!

Segata550d ago

Oops I mean Car. Also Scud Racer is a 90s SEGA racing game in Arcades. use Model 3 hardware. Still impressive to this day.

darthv72550d ago

Sega (and it's arcade racers) is the main inspiration of this game. Super GT (SCUD racer) is the driving force behind it with Daytona riding shotgun.

Nacho_Z550d ago

I like a sim racer but in all honesty I have more fun with an arcade racer and this one looks decent. Bit of an old video in the article it's come on since then.

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