Persona 5 Voted Best RPG of All Time by Famitsu Readers; NieR: Automata Places 4th

Japanese Famitsu readers vote their favorite RPGs of all time. While some results are expected, some might surprise you.

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FallenAngel19842549d ago

Tales of Berseria is my favorite RPG of 2017

gangsta_red2549d ago

Berseria was really good and was a return to what I loved from that series.

Princess_Pilfer2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Super repetitive combat (I know it has depth, but it's so easy to simply overpower everything that it may as well not be there,) empty environments and really boring protagonists?

I mean, it's better than Symphonia but that's a really low bar.

gangsta_red2549d ago

I liked the combat in Berseria. Granted it could have used a lot more tweaking...for example, having a demo to actually seeing the combo move before you use it in battle would have helped emensly.

The empty environments has always been a huge complaint of mine for the Tales series and I had hoped it would have been addressed in Berseria but yea that is a huge negative to the game.

As for the protagonist, I seriously disagree, I thought Velvet was bad ass in a Kratos way and her transformation at the end didn't feel forced liked GoW 3.

The rest of the cast was great too and the way they all blended well was great anime fanfare. Reminded me of Outlaw Star or Cowboy Beebop.

The Tales series definitely has potential if Namco could just spend some more time getting it up to par with current gen games.

Princess_Pilfer2548d ago

I like the combat for the first couple hours. Then I figured out that I can win every fight by dodging 2 or 3 attacks, using her arm power to murder everything (thus gaining the SP back), re-entering the arm power mode and repeating until everything was dead.

Except after like the first hour of the game she has like no development till like the very end. Being "badass" in a story focused game is only going to get you so far.

babadivad2548d ago

It has the simplest combat of all the 3d tales games. I'm playing on the hardest difficulty and I haven't broken a sweat yet. Arm power owns all. Every button is an attack button. I hope they fall back or further refine this in the next game.

As far as combat, this was the worst of the bunch to me.

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Relientk772549d ago

Tales of Berseria is amazing, that and Persona 5 are my 2 favorite games this year so far

Rangerman12082549d ago

No Sword art online? /s

But seriously though, I'm surprised other great JRPGs like Lost Odyssey, Pokemon and Valkyria Chronicles weren't mentioned.

DragonKnight2548d ago

Someone once discussed in a topic about Japanese fans that they will always vote in the most recent thing as "the best of all time" so take this stuff with a grain of salt.

Persona 5 is alright. It was my first Persona game and in my opinion it takes the concept of "on-rails" way too far. Definitely not the best RPG of all time imo.

yeahright22548d ago

Yeah but in the west we suffer from the opposite. for us it's always the original was better than the remake/reboot. or when talking "of all time" we feel obligated to choose something from the past. And I've found that a lot of that has to do with a fear of choosing something current or recent will get your opinion viewed as invalid.

MoveTheGlow2549d ago

Famitsu readers continuously lack a long-term memory. I've seen these types of lists before out of them, and it's always the best game of the last six or so months. In 2010, their Greatest Game list was topped by Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

Abriael2549d ago

That's easily balanced out by nostalgia. The second ranked is from 1988.

krontaar2549d ago

to be fair the game is almost a year old in japan

AspiringProGenji2549d ago

Damn right! I'm clocking insane hrs into this game. That is just how awesome it is... Currently on my 3rd playthrought (NG+).

Testfire2549d ago

I'm looking forward to this when I clear out some other games first.

solideagle2549d ago

I could never play an rpg twice because it's just too long. I think i played persona 4 twice to unlock yoshitsune. I only pay action games twice like dmc or god of war...

yeahright22548d ago

heh, I platinumed the witcher 3 twice. and did a new game plus run where I did every side quest and cleared every question mark. But then a game like yakuza, I finished and never picked back up. For me it just varies from game to game how much time I put into it.

indysurfn2548d ago

I played THE LEGEND OF HERO'S TRAILS OF COLD STEEL II through THREE times and it is a 180 hour game (on the first play though at least).

solideagle2548d ago

wow guys you are legend. its maybe because i have so many to play thats why I never play RPGs twice. I always jump in generation 3-4 years in like I have unopened PS4 for last 2 years :p and when i will open it I will have so many to finish :d

hulk_bash19872549d ago

Definitely in the top 5 rpgs ive ever played. Its so fun and stylized.