Press Start: I don't get the Kingdom Hearts craze

It's been announced the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III will release next year. Fans who grew up with the series are elated, but Gazette gaming columnist Jake Magee doesn't get the craze.

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bluefox755458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

I'm in the same boat. I tried the original game for a few hours many years ago, and it didn't do anything for me. I assumed it was because I never had any interest in or attachment to Disney characters. I'd like to give it another try though one of these days, and see if I can learn what all of the fuss is about.

InTheZoneAC458d ago

If you don't like action rpgs or Disney then don't play it because your opinion won't change. Trying to save you money

armchairDev457d ago

I don't understand why people think that playing with kids disney characters is fun in an rpg..

InTheZoneAC458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

I'm playing kingdom hearts 1 for the first time and am onto the 3rd world/boss now. The beginning is always slow but it picks up.

If you don't like action rpgs, square, or Disney then it's not for you. I'm not understanding why certain people have to say they don't get the craze if they never did care for the composition of the game. Obviously they wouldn't like it....

I've played a bunch of kh2 but am trying to catch up for kh3's release and that also means I need to buy kh2.8

And from the little I've seen of kh3's, overall gameplay and controls look indefinitely improved. So if you're trying these older games you have to understand not everything is going to be perfect by today's standards but they're still fun games with lots of cutscenes that you can skip if that's your thing.

Just get off the first area and the first world where you experience different Disney world, only takes 2 hours max, even if you do more than you need in the opening area.

ninsigma458d ago

Combat in fragmentary passage is the best in the series imo so if KH3 is the same I'm delighted!

_-EDMIX-_458d ago

So the author doesn't get the craze? Who cares?

Don't understand? Were they supposed to automatically like every single series that exist within gaming?

Pookandpie458d ago

I played KH1 when it came out on PS2 back in the day, but I wasn't a tremendous fan of it back then for some reason or another (I got the game a few months late and was really big into the Tales of games back then). KH2 completely changed my opinion of the franchise, however, as was something I played through three or four times- I loved it. Form changes were the beeeeest.

Then I played the various spin offs, the card game one, the one with Roxas that was mission-based and I recall absolutely none of its story because it was too slowly drip-fed, the one on the PSP that I really enjoyed, and the 3DS one too. Then I played a few of them again on the PS3- good times.

I still don't know what the hell is happening in the story. I think that basically every bad guy is Xehanort, who used to be Ansem, except he wasn't actually Ansem, he was Xehanort. Eh, hell with it, I'll read the wiki again before KHIII comes out, I guess.

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The story is too old to be commented.