Dead Space: First verdict spotted

CVG reports: "The first verdict for EA's impressive survival horror game is in - and the score should keep fans excited. The latest Xbox World 360 mag, on shelves today, awards the survival horror game 91%, claiming that Resident Evil developer Capcom should take note, "Because EA can teach them a thing or three about survival horror."

Exploring the decks of the Ishimura is a "nail-biting experience," says the mag, driven forward by the "film-worthy" script and "inspired" setting. "It's Rapture in space: every bit as disturbing, just as meticulously designed and easily as believable."

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unrealgamer583796d ago

lol i wonder when a ps3 verdicts coming out

xaphanze3796d ago

Don't wonder. It'll be the same verdict.

SullyDrake3796d ago

I'm thinking it'll be better on PS3, cuz PS3 was lead platform and there's rumors of PS3-exclusive DLC.

xaphanze3796d ago

Maybe there will be slight differences. Anyway it seems that I'm going to have to buy this :(. waaa I need a million bucks...

Vespertine3796d ago

I'm sure both versions will be the same.

sak5003796d ago

@mitchel leave your fanboy laced comments out in the open. How the heck do you know it will be better when 99% of multiplatform games turned out better on 360 even when 360 wasn't the lead platform?
Or was it because its by EA? Who have a record of having better ps3 versions right?? oh wait..

Still off topic. Stop with the lame which version is better comments in gamerzone, we are here to respond to the story not start a freaking flamewar. Leave it for open zone, where i'll join u guys.

ON topic. Looks like the old horror titles are out and newer IPs will rule the horror genre. Yes, talking about Silent hill and alone in the dark's failing.

name3796d ago

Why is it every time someone calls a comment a "fanboy comment" they immediately follow it with a fanboy comment?

Pennywise3796d ago

Name the only people who attack people for "fanboy" comments are the die-hard fanboys.

joydestroy3796d ago

Mitchell, you are wrong.
check it...

the 360 was lead platform at first but then it switched over to PS3. so the PS3 hasn't always been the lead platform.

Bnet3433796d ago

I just think it's funny how PS3 fanboys love EA now all of a sudden. I mean they did suck right? Orange Box sucked right? Now they all love EA. Make up your mind guys. Stop flip flopping. BTW Dead Space will be awesome, I'm not sure which version to get though. Cause Dead Space will have trophies.

robbo9183796d ago

@Sak: Lol, calling out a fanboy then saying 99% lol, wow, maybe someone should point the open zone out for you.

On topic: The only thing about this game I want to know now is the length for an average player who isn't racing through just to reach the end. I am tired of the short games (Force Unleashed) personally. I am saying this on multi-plat games so nobody get console defensive please. It really is looking like a great game, if it has decent length I am in. Both true next gen consoles will win on this game I think.

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Harry1903796d ago

We have a sleeper hit in our hands.

jerethdagryphon3796d ago

sleeper hit yes

sleep after it his....maybe not

himdeel3796d ago

...are refreshing in the land of hype and hateration!

Bnet3433796d ago

I'm not sure sleeper hit is the right words to define this game. I mean it's getting praise from a lot and some what hype from people. A perfect example of a sleeper hit would be Braid on XBLA or the very first Mercenaries game. Games that got no hype or coverage at all, but did very very good. Now I'm not saying Dead Space will be bad. I love horror and any game of it's kind is welcome with open arms.

Harry1903796d ago

getting the attention it deserves.

Johnny_Boy3795d ago

This is a sleeper hit by no means the amount of hype and push this game is receiving from the comic book, the animated features on xbl and psn, and a freaking movie along with it. They have built this into a very interesting game that EA has slowly built up there cred this past year by not just pushing crap onto the market but by acquiring good studios and letting them actually take the time to put out good work and they are now seeing the benefits of that.
Resident evil right now looks great but for some reason im not hyped on it yet coop seems to be the one major factor im excited for it but dead space is really seems to be the new king so far in the horror genre.

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Drano3796d ago

I just can't stand the main character's suit. It's so... ugly, I hate it. The whole game looks terrific, everything but this god-damned suit! I'll make this character die just to see his god-damned suit ripped apart!

Jump Beyond.

PS : I hate his suit.

Final_Rpg3796d ago

I love the suit! It looks awesome! Why don't you like it?

bomboclaat_gamer3796d ago

maybe u like feminine looking japanese male characters. u like pretty girly-boys dont u lol

joydestroy3796d ago

i agree with them, i think the suit looks pretty bad ass.
the whole game is amazing. if game play lives up to it's expectations, which it certainly looks solid, this could be a great contender for GOTY.

Drano3796d ago

Tight stuff, lights everywhere, looks like he's bought his clothes in a Home Depot, that's all.

Don't be so pissed off, the game looks dynamite.

Jump Beyond.

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Vespertine3796d ago

Looking good.

I've always been hyped up about this game, I love the atmosphere and the theme of the game. Let's hope it gets more positive reviews.

Aclay3796d ago

I pre-ordered this game last week. Ever since I saw the teaser trailers for the game I've been hooked on it. I know tons of people are going to disagree, but personally I think that Dead Space looks better AND scarier than Resident Evil 5.

I've never been a fan of survival horror games and I've never even bought a survival horror game before, but almost everything about Dead Space just stood out to me and it just looked different than all the other cookie cutter Zombie survival horror games.

Anyways, I can't wait to play this game with my Headphones plugged into the T.V. and with the lights off.

Final_Rpg3796d ago

Resident Evil isn't scary... Maybe for 8 year olds.

sak5003796d ago

Yes but this one is. It reminds of Doom3 for PC. Lots of shadows and suddenly something jumps out of the side and attacks you. I had to lower the volume of it to play it :(

bomboclaat_gamer3796d ago

Resident Evil is not scary anymore. They are more geared towards the hardcore action and not the thrilling and hair raising effect. Dead Space is a must get. EA deserves a big up for this one.

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