Gossip: What Kutaragi Really Wants

He's been called "Crazy Ken." Ken Kutaragi might've created the PS1 and the PS2, but it was the PS3 that made him seem out of touch. Or was it? It's no secret that Kutaragi is not a numbers guy (Kaz Hirai, he's your pencil pusher). No, Kutaragi's an engineer by trade. He likes to make stuff.

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Maddens Raiders5218d ago (Edited 5218d ago )

in no way Ken would be involved in making games with Namco/Bandai. This should put an end to that. I'd like to go out on the town with this lil' chap and look for some yella tail. He'd prolly party me under the table and whip my ass on SOCOM! I guess he really is too legit to (sorry) =]

MicroGamer5218d ago

even for a startup company. I can't see him making anything meaningful with such a small amount of money.

kingboy5218d ago

when is SOCOM for ps3 gonna be announce.

jerrell5217d ago

You figure that they built this system to last 10 years, "Which it is built to do that", that Ken would just be sitting around twittling his thumbs for a couple of years. I can't really see anything coming out next for a PS4 anytime soon. The PS2 was hard to develop games for as well and the PS3 is actually easier than the PS2 from talking with other people. So , the issuer with games will be resolved soon. Tell me, can you see another console from Sony in the near future that can surpass this? Cell, Blue-Ray(50 Gb)? 1080p capablitity? This system KEN built was definitely built to be around for a long while as it has been built for the future. So why not he move to something else challenging. Moves are not always bad in a Corporation. Sony is probably moving to better position theirself to harness the power of this system.

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