PsOne Classics: A Legend of Dragoon Remake Needs to Happen

Pause Resume's Jason Rocha looks at why The Legend of Dragoon needs to be thrust back into the limelight

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Godmars290826d ago

Doesn't need to be 3rd person though.

Becuzisaid826d ago

Well it's not going to be 1st person! Lol
Maybe you're confusing this with Panzer Dragoon??

yeahright2826d ago

It's a JRPG... with party members. How would you have it done?

Godmars290826d ago

Classic over head isometric with some updated side scrolling and platforming aspects. Level design leaning towards a party that has wings.

Meant over the shoulder 3rd person. What's been done with Fallout, FF15, which have party members/companions.

yeahright2826d ago

Ah, now it makes sense. Yeah similar to what's going on with the new fear effect. I can dig it.

Becuzisaid826d ago (Edited 826d ago )

Ok now I see what you mean. I'm a fan of the prerendered backgrounds approach myself. Imagine this game remade in the same vain as resident evil 1.

thatguyhayat826d ago

God dammit the second I saw Dart I had a heart attack thinking somthing was announced

jreeves82826d ago

I have been saying this for years! Or a sequel.

yeahright2826d ago

I'd go for sequel with a port of this for this gen included. and if possible open it up to other platforms, this game was good (especially with that one scene) and I'd hate to see other gamers locked out of experiencing it.. But that's me personally. business wise, the best way would be a remake, maybe even reboot.

Becuzisaid826d ago

Which one scene? There were many memorable ones.

826d ago
yeahright2825d ago

@becuz, yeah Lavitz. played that for the first time as a teenager and that one got me.

LoneWolf181826d ago

One of my favorite RPGs of all time. I was only like 5 or 6 when I first played it, but I can remember how much I enjoyed it even at that age. I was so upset when my disc would freeze in the middle of the final battle and never got to finish it until I came across a copy at a dollar store like 10 years later and picked it up just to figure out what the heck happens in the end. I'd definitely buy it if it were to ever got remastered, but I'd prefer a remake that sticks close to the gameplay of the original.

Becuzisaid826d ago

That final boss took me 45 minutes to beat. And I died once too, so took me over an hour and a half to beat total.

jugo14826d ago

i fought the final boss for at least 15 more minutes than I had to. I didnt realize that I had to change dart into his dragoon form to initiate the final attack. I was like, "why the fuck is this mofo not dying!"....I transformed to unleash my most powerful attack and low and behold...a cut scene took over lol

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The story is too old to be commented.