Why doesn't Pilotwings get more love?

Nostalgia is a huge marketing tool. Hollywood is the worst offender at the moment, but gaming isn’t far behind. Nintendo has cashed in on the same recognizable franchises for decades now, yet ignores Pilotwings. Kirby, Yoshi and even Bomberman get new games, but a franchise that helped launch both the SNES and N64 has been left behind.

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PhoenixUp510d ago

Why did you mention Bomberman like Nintendo owns the IP?

porkChop510d ago

Yeah that's a bit weird, isn't it? Nintendo has no control over that franchise.

DiRtY510d ago

Pilotwings was my vietnam. Such a terrible game! Can't believe people ask for a remake.
IF we talk about N64 games to be remade - What about Extreme G?

JAMurida510d ago

Weird, I was nostalging (new word?) to this game last night listening to Pilot Wings 64 OST - Birdman. Always loved that song.

Muadiib510d ago

That, Wave Race and F-Zero need a come back.

RosweeSon510d ago

I always hoped they would add the N64 island to 3ds version as a bonus or DLC but never happened ;(

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