Mysterious PS4 Exclusive Game By Street Fighter EX Developer Gets Tons of 1080p Screenshots

Take another look at Arika's successor of the Street Fighter EX series, coming for PS4 in 2018.

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Kingthrash3602498d ago

Loved sf ex! Day 1 for me...another ps exclusive....nice.

XanderZane2498d ago

I still have the first 2 SF EX games for my PS1. Those were some fun games. Good to see them bringing the series back. Looks like they will have characters from the previous series as well. Can't wait to try the beta.

leahcim2499d ago

It´s good to have a new brawler from such a pedegree!

Inzo2499d ago

Like the art style. For some reason I get that Tekken x SC x SF feeling.

LP-Eleven2499d ago

Street Fighter EX dev? Sold!

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