SKATE 2 "will blow your mind"

Gameplayer has been given exclusive behind closed doors time with EA's sequel to the highly regarded SKATE. The article goes into the new features, the new moves and more, and includes fresh screenshots such as a look at the new city.

'It all feels like magic in your hands. It's like the original SKATE was an unfinished puzzle and the rest of the pieces have only now been put into place. All of the above sync in perfectly with the move-set already available to give you that many more gameplay options you'll freak out at the possibilities. "

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theKiller3788d ago

and i will never like it and i never liked it!!

and no it wont blow my mind away!!

chaosatom3788d ago

Tony hawk franchise has gone down, and simply isn't fun anymore.

Skate, although pretty hard to master, is pretty fun and Innovative. I can see the problems it has but the concept they created deserves attention.

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SumRandomDude3788d ago

I wonder what Neversoft is going to do with the next Tony Hawk game. I mean, they have been quiet for sometime now.Before they had any competition they would release a tony hawk game every year. I hope they bring something good next year or else EA may probably start getting lazy on SKATE sequels.

BTW, in my book SKATE was a very good game. If skateboarding was as popular as FPS genre then it could have received a few GOTY awards for 2007.

Bnet3433788d ago

I love SKATE! and SKATE 2 will be awesome. Being a skateboarder myself, I really appreciated the realism in SKATE.

theKiller3788d ago

i played some on the ps1 and ps2 but didnt find it that much fun or amazing!! just going around some wall, streets etc and u r on the skate!!

and yes the one i played was Tony Hawk and never like it!! so no it didnt blow my mind away!

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kapedkrusader3788d ago

...cause you're freakin' Tony Hawk! Come on Tony, stop trolling.

RAF-TECH3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )


just wondering.
The achivements in the first one were really hard.

name3788d ago

"This is the culture of SKATE: arguably the best game of 2007."

Stopped reading right there.(well I did read the genre bias comment following it)

3788d ago
SlappingOysters3788d ago

Alongside CoD and Bioshock it would be my best game of 2007. Just awesome.

I don't get why people say "i stopped reading right there" - it just makes you sound like such a naive little twat.

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The story is too old to be commented.