Gears of War Remote Controlled Exploding Enemies Glitch Video

Here's a neat trick whereby you can cause your opponent to explode on command.

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Raist5423d ago

This one is excellent !

Kudos to playinghalotoday once more, these guys rock.

FirstknighT5423d ago

HA, thats a cool glitch! Sometimes glitches add fun to the game! Remember the sword glitch on halo 2?

Havince5423d ago

Theres 2many people glitching as it is without people advertising it even more

The Snake5423d ago

Watch before you pass judgement. You need to get a legitimate kill in order to make this work. Glitches don't get much more harmless than this.

SF Legend5422d ago

This is pretty much useless as anything other than a slightly funny bug. The word I think you meant to use was cheating, which, on Xbox Live, is using glitches to gain an advantage over an opponent.

sjappie5422d ago (Edited 5422d ago )

they fall to pieces just as if they were being chainsawed. Boring vid.