Tearaway Unfolded PS4 Review - The Zombie Chimp

Tarsier Studios create the world that’s unique in many aspects, and it’s all presented by living paper.

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UCForce1524d ago

I hope Media Molecules will make another sequel this one.

FallenAngel19841524d ago

This game didn't sell well enough to warrant a sequel like LittleBigPlanet

_-EDMIX-_1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Who knows.

It was enough to warrant a PS4 version.

Consider Gravity Rush got ported to PS4, only to receive a PS4 sequel.

Who knows.

I don't now what is "well" for Sony for this game. I don't now what they were expecting it to sell to say we won't see a sequel.

Consider Knack is getting a sequel.

From what I've read, Gravity Rush on Vita, sold less then Tearaway on Vita.

Gravity Rush on PS4 sold less then Tearaway on PS4.

FallenAngel19841523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

It's much safer and less costly to port something than to make a full sequel

Consider that Knack easily sold over 1 million while Tearaway hasn't even come close to that.

Don't get me wrong I'd love a sequel to Tearaway and it has somewhat of a chance of happening since Gravity Rush sold less than Tearaway and still got a sequel. However Media Molecule seems like the kind of developer that handles one game at a time instead of producing multiple projects like Japan Studio.

While Media Molecule seems completely occupied with Dreams(which we haven't even had an update on lately) and not much else, SIE Japan Studio by virtue of being a larger developer had so many resources that they could devote part of it towards also putting out a sequel to Gravity Rush in addition to Knack back to back.

Yes Project Siren are the ones who created Gravity Rush but they, like Team ICO, develop their titles alongside their parent company Japan Studio, so games under a the Japan Studio umbrella have more chance of a sequel by nature. Media Molecule hasn't shown they have the same pedigree.