IncGamers: TrackMania DS Interview

Speaking exclusively to IncGamers, the development team behind the TrackMania DS game tell us about how the game was brought to the DS, what's different, what to expect and the team behind the maps.

Also, find out why Nintendo won't support the game in WFC and what other multiplayer options are available.

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Leord3790d ago

I love the DS, it's usually even better quality gaming than for my other favourite, the old SNES ;)

Maticus3790d ago

I just discovered Trackmania on the PC, wasn't aware of the DS version - cool :D

Wuushu3790d ago

I absolutely LOVED TM for the PC, I've played that until my fingers bled.

syrinx3789d ago

Yeh i think this is going to be pretty decent on the DS. I loved the PC version so look forward to seeing it in action