Video: Def Jam Icon HD Trailer

Def Jam Icon is coming out March 2007 for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, and EA has released the official trailer. The trailer doesn't show any gameplay, but it does give us a little bit of what to expect story-wise in this game.

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JIN KAZAMA5225d ago

I say all of us, 360 gamers and PS3 gamers, and Wii gamers, boycott that crappy developer. They treat their developers like crap, sometimes they dont even pay them on time, i know cuz I have had a few friends that worked at EA.
You suck EA.

nice_cuppa5225d ago

ha im glad i got a game system instead of a movie player.

Optimus Prime5225d ago

i agree pretty much with you on every aspect. except for EA BIG... NBA Street is going to be fun fun fun. i agree, ea pretty much sucks.

Athlon5225d ago

EA BIG made this game didn't they? I like the previous ones in the series. I wish they kept it like that. I'm not really feeling this whole DJ thing with the analogues and environments jumping. I just want a straight up brawler.

BB5225d ago

I agree, I would have loved to have kept this Def Jam game like the previous ones, but you never know, this might something new that actually catches on in other games. I just hope once this game is out in stores, they begin working on another Def Jam game, but with the old control scheme ;)

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