The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sales Hit 4.04 Million Units Worldwide Within 3 Months

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild shipped on Nintendo’s Wii U and Switch. As of the 3rd of June, exactly 3 months later, the title has sold over reached its 4th million copy, that is, combining the sales of the Switch and Wii U.

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Goldby1191d ago

Thats catching up on Halo 5 numbers and Horizons.

good on Nintendo

fonger081191d ago

I think it already passed Horizon, if these numbers are true.

remixx1161191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

I don't think it passed it as of yet, horizon zero dawn was recorded selling through 3.4 million copies as of April 30. Zelda is just now selling a little over half a million more than that almost 3 months later.

So unless horizon hasn't sold anything in the last 2 and a half months then I doubt Zelda passed it.

Goldby1191d ago

Horizon's at 3mill physical copies sold, but i remember seeing some article about including digital its close to 5mill

septemberindecember1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )


These numbers look to be from June 3rd per the article. So it isn't 3 months after April 30th, but one month and four days.


The 3.4 million number that people are quoting includes digital sales as of April 30th. However, due to the discounts Horizon received this past month or so I wouldn't doubt that number being close to 5 million as of today either.

Erik73571191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

Yes it has, looked up vgchartz and it's like 2.9 million.

Of course that's not including digital sales but neither for Zelda is it either which currently sits at 3 million


Very impressive for Zelda to sell better than Horizon especially when it's userbase is less than 1/15 that of ps4 how embarrassing

Didn't sell more at launch but obviously Zelda has more legs here and to finish it off it rated much higher on metacritic.

Majin-vegeta1191d ago

@Erik lol using vgchartz how about using something more concrete...

uptownsoul1191d ago

@Erik7357 - "Very impressive for Zelda to sell better than Horizon especially when it's userbase is less than 1/15 that of ps4 how embarrassing" --- Not really that impressive when you figure that Zelda was literally the only thing on Switch to buy for the first 1.5-2 months & Horizon is a new IP...Lets see what a New IP from Nintendo sells like

Servbot411191d ago

They probably could have passed it had they not shortchanged the Wii U version and littered the shelves with more copies of the Switch version than there were consoles. Mathemagic geniuses over there at Nintendo HQ.

babadivad1191d ago

Even if it has, Horizon's number are TRULY impressive for a new IP.

getbacktogaming1191d ago

The mere fact that we're comparing a new IP to an established and highly successful game, come on! :D Ain't that somethin'

BiggerBoss1191d ago


Why don't you compare the sales of Quantum Break and Halo Wars to Horizon. now THATS embarrassing.

According to VGCharts, Forza 6 has sold less than 2 million.

Horizon, a brand new IP, outsold one of Microsofts biggest franchises.

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DanteVFenris6661191d ago

Has horizon sold more? It would be great to here they reached naughty dog sales. Last I heard it was 3 million

Also consider the install base it's basically everyone that owns a switch has Zelda which is impressive

Erik73571191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

Yes it has, looked up vgchartz and it's like 2.9 million. 

Of course that's not including digital sales but neither for Zelda is it either which currently sits at 3 million 


Very impressive for Zelda to sell better than Horizon especially when it's userbase is less than 1/15 that of ps4 how embarrassing 

Didn't sell more at launch but obviously Zelda has more legs here and to finish it off it rated much higher on metacritic.

Razzer1191d ago


Zelda is one of the oldest franchises in gaming. Horizon is entirely new IP. The significance is obviously lost on you. Over 3 million sold is hardly embarrassing.

Xx_Pistol_xX1191d ago

Have to remember that Zelda is also on 2 platforms.

Shiken1191d ago


Two consoles with a combined install base much lower than the PS4.

Horizon had a better launch, but both were stellar.

Zelda had better legs and has passed it in sales despite having a fraction of the install base, but Horizon sold very well for a new IP.

Why can't people just accept the truth regardless of their camp and feel happy that these two games exist?

UCForce1191d ago

@Erik7357 Zelda is juggernaut and Horizon Zero Dawn is new champion.

Xx_Pistol_xX1190d ago

I was just stating a fact. Also while having a big install base it does mean more potential buyer doesn't really dictate how well a game will sell. Very few exclusive games ever pass the 10 million. But at the end of the day both great games.

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MegamanXXX1191d ago

Looks like exclusives do matter

Servbot411191d ago

"B-b-but Microsoft told us otherwise!"

BiggerBoss1191d ago

"Multiplats are the most important!!"

Segata1191d ago

it passed Horizon. According to VGchartz it's the highest selling game this year.

jznrpg1191d ago

Horizon had a lot of competition on PS4, other great games released in the same time frame, NioH , Tales of Berseria, Persona 5, Yakuza Nier etc. Zelda is the only must have game on Switch still, imo.

babadivad1191d ago

Haha, when I saw "Horizon" I instantly thought of Forza Horizon with all the driving gaming articles we've seen here recently.

babadivad1191d ago

If these numbers are true[not that I have reason to doubt them], nearly every switch owner has picked up this game. I remember reading an article about there being more copies of this game sold than there was actual Switches in the wild to play it on.

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EddieNX 1191d ago

it will keep selling for a while yet if they keep printing it. Such a badass game. So many wierd ways of doing everything that it doesnt get boring, and 120 shrines lasts for ages.

_-EDMIX-_1191d ago

I'm actually doubtful of that.

Zelda don't get me wrong as a great property but most of the series kind of hovers around 4 to 5 million.

I mean you're talking about an established property. Put it this way if you didn't care about Call of Duty do you really think it matters that a Call of Duty is coming out with all these snazzy features? Call of Duty fans might understand this but anybody outside of that fanbase could care less.

So anybody who ordinarily doesn't play Zelda it's actually statistically unlikely to care about the breath of the Wild. The significance of this game is more so a big deal for Zelda fans than it is people outside of that fan base.

New intellectual properties will always bring in new consumers but established properties for the most part sort of have a market cap.

EddieNX 1191d ago

I can almost guarantee you it well sell a mil or two more over the next year or so. Theres so many people waiting for a Switch to play it on. The 3-5m Switches sold between now and Christmas, how many of them will buy Zelda, 50%+ Perhaps??

Concertoine1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

No, nintendo games always sell for ages. This game will sell as long as its on shelves. It was only a few years ago i saw NSMB on DS at stores... for 29.99... a game that came out in 2004...

Why, in the future, would anyone who gets a switch not get BotW? Right now something like 70% of switch owners have it, that percentage probably wont go up but more people will absolutely be buying it alongside their switch.

The game got crazy reviews and had a ton of buzz. and it's Zelda. Not sure why you're talking all this nonsense.

_-EDMIX-_1191d ago

@con-because Star Fox Zero is breaking records? How is Skyward Sword selling right now?

You still have to factor it's established install base based on the market of people who actually buy that game series.

There is a general average.

There's lots of reasons why somebody would purchase a switch and not by Zelda, I mean have you seriously not considered that there were people who purchased the Wii and didn't buy Skyward Sword? 😂😂😂

All You have to do is look at the previous install base and look at the previous sales of that series to realize there is a specific cap based on its install base.

I'm not saying people don't like Zelda simply that there's no evidence that the people who are not familiar with that series will suddenly purchase it.

I think breath of the wild will sell just as good as the previous Zelda's no different than I think the next Call of Duty will sell just as good as the previous.

The 10th Rider1191d ago


Lol. You thought Breath of the Wild would sell around Skyward Sword, which it managed to do a month and a half ago, after just three months of sales. It may even be at 5 million by now.

Skyward Sword and Star Fox Zero both released around a year before a new Nintendo console came out. Of course they're not going to have as good of legs as something that's available on a console DAY ONE.

A better comparison would be Twilight Princess, which came out at the end of the Gamecube's life and at the beginning of the Wii's.

Concertoine1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

Its amazing what mental gymnastics you'll do to justify a dumb statement.

Star Fox Zero is a crap game released on a dead console.

Skyward sword required a peripheral and came out 1 year before the Wii U, when the Wii was honestly dead as well. I like how you chose that game instead of Twilight Princess.

Also, not sure if you know what install base is. There is no "install base" for a series.

BotW is selling well now and will probably be selling well for years to come. Look at media create and it's still in the top 20 3 months on. The game hasn't even been through its first holiday yet. I could definitely see it hitting OoT numbers.

jmac531191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

I guarantee you that Zelda will be in the top 10 this holiday season right up there with Mario as more Switches become available to consumers. Zelda would have sold more right out of the gate if people had something to play it on. The only 2 options were an impossible to get console or a dead in the water console.
Edit: Also, yes it is a big deal. I bought a Switch for Zelda after not having owned a Nintendo console since the N64.

Monster_Tard1191d ago

Other Zelda games haven't reached 4 million sales in just 4 months, so I'm not sure why you're expecting a similar result to the average sales of previous Zelda games.

_-EDMIX-_1190d ago

@10th- that still doesn't show any real evidence that they are new consumers that are purchasing this game.

That's not even evidence that this game will keep performing at this rate.

@con-there's no evidence that this game is going to sell for years to come lol

I mean of course it's going to be for sale but I don't think it's going to continue the same momentum again there's no evidence of this series ever historically selling that.

They're more popular Nintendo intellectual properties that move more units that are not still selling massive numbers.

So I'm actually doubtful that is series that is actually below the very top Nintendo series would move the such numbers.

The 10th Rider1190d ago


There is evidence . . . Twilight Princess. One of the best selling Zelda games recently. Yet you insist on comparing Breath of the Wild to Skyward Sword, which is a poor comparison because it came out at the end of a console's lifespan. Twilight Princess released at the beginning of a console's lifespan and was well-liked and well received . . . Much similar of a scenario to Breath of the Wild's.

Also, I never said it will have strong legs or anything, but it's sales have literally already surpassed your early predictions. It doesn't have to continue to sell gangbusters to be one of the most successful Zelda games out there because it already is. Even if it only sells another million or two across the Switch's entire lifespan, it'll hit 6-8 million, which would be high sales for the series.

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objdadon1191d ago

"Single player games don't make an impact "😉

FullmetalRoyale1191d ago

Ubisoft- Here's The Crew 2, and Skull and Bones!