Nintendo: Yeah, We Love You Guys

If there is anything we've learned about Nintendo over the years, it's that they take their time in making what gamers want. You want better graphics than the NES? Let's make it "Super." Are you sick of using cartridges? Here's the GameCube. Think that DS should be able to do much, much more? Here's the DSi.

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Silogon3794d ago

I don't know what it is about Nintendo but they just don't interest me. These announcments just don't do it for me. Sony and Microsoft are much more important to the media it seems as well. When Sony and Mmicrosoft speak, people listen. when Nintendo does it it's just another day at the office.

I'm sure these are great announcments for their core fans but I can't get excited for another DS that offers up nothing new hardware wise, other than features. the games they have shown for the wii don't excite me. Nintendo just isn't exciting to me. I think punchout might be great, but it's still not enough to have me revert back to my childhood and worship nintendo again.


Final_Rpg3793d ago

Maybe it's their lack of cutting edge technology and their isolation from the competition between Sony and Microsoft.

UltimateIdiot9113793d ago

Nintendo isn't all that bad. Sure they lack cutting edge technology but I'm not going to lie some games are really fun especially when you want a short game or just something more on the casual side. I had so much fun playing Professor Layton and enjoy the story very much.

mfwahwah3793d ago

I know what you mean. I've been waiting patiently to get excited over some Nintendo news, and I'm still just not interested. It might be that I've grown out of Nintendo or something... I really don't know.

RealityCheck3793d ago

Sorry, not interested in the slightly upgraded PSP-3000 and not interested in a slightly upgraded DS. You guys let me know when you make the next real handheld gaming system, I'm talking real 3D graphics with dual analog controls (movement, camera). Until then, count me out.

xbot083793d ago

graphics dont matter. gameplay is paramount

Product3793d ago

even when they make the most powerful console of the gen(gamecube) people complain,there is no pleasing these people.
Im satisfied by the lineup if your not dont comment....
thats like me coming into the xbox or ps3 area and just saying
"been here, done this 5 years ago on my computer,oh look another sports title or fps."Even though its true doesnt mean i have to go in just to say negative stuff.

Gam713793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

The ninty announcements have been lacklustre recently but people seem to have bought into the notion that a console has to have the most features and biggest processing power to be cutting edge to belong in this gen otherwise it's a novelty and to be ignored.

As if a touch screen on a handheld or motion control were not innovative and gave the market something new.

I want to hear what ninty have to say and i do think it's dismissed by people who like to use sales and features unique to their system as a reason why their console is superior but cant handle that ninty offered something new and different and they have the sales those others wish their machine had.

maybe these people are embarrassed that their "next-gen" machines are being bettered by a fad.

titntin3793d ago

Get off your pompous high horse and take of your 'everything Nintendo ever does is gold glasses'
As users of the site that are interested in games and the business of games, we are just as entitled as anyone else to voice our own opinion on a new article posted on the front page.

This site is not an exclusive 'love in' club for those convinced that Nintendo can do no wrong, and people are quite free to make an observation that isn't dripping with honey over any story they want.
If you don't want this, then stay off a general gaming site and hang out on a Nintendo fan site where you can stroke each others ego's.

Now thats off my chest....

A cool article and lots of things to be excited about! :)
If the DS hasn't already found a place in your heart, then a revised venison probably won't excite - but for the rest of us the prospect of two touch screens, a built in camera, SD card support and MPs3 playback without an R4, bigger screens and slimmer design = well cool!
The best selling handheld is about to break records again methinks..

I'm still a little skeptical about the online component of the Wii, but some sort of SD card functionality and the launch of a WiFi unit can only be a welcome thing..

FF crystal Chronicles, Punch out and Dynasty Warriors could be more reasons for me to dust of my Wii, so bring em on!

If you're a die hard Ninty fan, theres plenty to be optimistic about!

kewlkat0073793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

this come home?

TheROsingleB3793d ago

No GBA Slot might make this a pass for me, plenty of good GBA games still keep my interest. I understand everyone needs to move forward and removing the GBA slot is what cut down the size of the DSi from the Lite even more. I'm still up in the air about it, really I dont think i'd get much use out of the camera since I play more single-player stuff on the DS unless I hang out with friends locally that have a DS, or enough friends are online at the same time for a good game of Mario Kart or Tetris.

Maybe Nintendo can sway me into this instead of a Lite, since I'm still using the BrickDS.

chanmasta3793d ago

... you can take pictures with the camera but perhaps it might me used like the PlayStation's EyeToy so better single-player experiences maybe.

Plus you can buy GameBoy Micros (GBM) for about next to nothing (eBay), I love playing old games as well but I got a GBM so I never use the GBA slot of the DS Lite.

But one thing does concern me with the GBA slot, I don't play it but the Guitar Hero DS game that utilizes the GBA slot... ummm... now what?

And the built-in internet browser. DS/DS Lite's need a ram expansion to use the internet, so the DSi must have more ram. So I wonder if it will have better graphics and stuff.

I personally think DSi is brilliant, can't wait to get it!

Product3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Titntin ill be what you want me to be.
"I still think removing GBA support was self-fish and only further proves how much Nintendo cares about Nintendo and less about the millions of people that make them super-rich. Nintendo only does the bare minimum to get ahead. Their technology is always 2-4 years behind and software support is a joke.

I wish people would only praise the fact that their success makes Sony, Microsoft work harder. The two hardware companies that actually cater to the hardcore and people who like to be immersed in a gaming experience instead of dabble in them."

Ill agree with you that Nintendo is selfish which is the reason they want you to rebuy games you already own but instead of focusing on that why not focus on how Sony keeps forgetting about its BC.or How Nintendo last gen had the most powerful console.Sorry Sony and Ms came along quite after the hardcore gamers were already playing pc games but you werent there because you werent hardcore.Instead you think hardcore started with Sony.

Now titntin what was the point in that.Exactly.and there are people on here that do that every post.
Just negative the whole time....sorry im not really liek that.....but when i do it once you call me out.
There is enough people here that are negative enough so i get tired of it when all people do is come in here and be brings nothing to the table.
Now if they posted criticism and optimism thats one thing but the same people visit the wii side of things just to beat it down....or dont you see that.
There is 100 other posters here that should have heard you get "it" off your chest,pompous..please,look around. You say if i dont want this go somewhere else...sorry even in the posting rules it says not to be negative.Im just going by the rules.

titntin3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

No - thats not what I wanted in the slightest - and I think your smart enough to know that.

By all means post excited and upbeat comments about the products and games you love, no one should have an issue with that.

But if someone has something less positive to say, I don't feel you have a right to try and banish them from the thread, as if comments on articles here can only ever be positive.

I've bought and owned every single machine ever released by Nintendo since the beginning of video gaming - and in the early days I had to import them myself from Japan. I've had some of my best gaming moments with Nintendo and I still applaud their innovation and the amazing success they've had that has turned their business around.

But I don't love everything they do, and if I wish to comment on the banality of a product like WiFit or WiiMusic, then surely I'm as entitled as anyone else to express my opinion? Where in the rules does it say "don't post unless you have something positive to say"?
It doesn't, because that would stupid.

By all means answer a negative post and tell them why they are wrong, but you can't justifiably question their right to post their view on an open site.

I refer you to the rules on comments on this site:
If it says don't be negitive it must be written in an invisible font.

Gam713793d ago

like anyone follows the rules on here.

this site isn't known for its high quality discussions.

Voiceofreason3793d ago

Let me translate for Tintin.. "People should be allowed to blindly trash the Wii for any reason they can bring up but you have no right to defend it." Oh but don let me stop you. Keep defending the troll with two bubbles simply because he is saying what you want to hear about Nintendo

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