An Apology to Final Fantasy XII

Square Enix's flagship series is known for its innovation, but this entry was particularly ahead of its time.

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ArchangelMike463d ago

Awesome article. Well written, and too right about FFXII. *Applause*

cleft5463d ago

I will agree that FF12 was ahead of its time. I remember playing this game and hating Vaan's guts with everything I had to the point that I deleted a 28 hour save and never came back to this game. Fast forward to now and I am watching people play this game on Twitch and I realized that Vaan isnt the worse character ever, that the story is really interesting, and that these collection of other characters are actually really great. So yes, I will say it here and now. I was wrong about FF12, its a really good game with really good characters. I was wrong and I too am sorry for all of the hate that I spread every time anyone would mention this game. I was a stupid kid that didn't get how good what I was being given was. Thankfully, I am a mature enough adult that I can admit I was wrong.

Adrian_v01463d ago

FF grew up too quickly. From quirky characters and romances up until X it jumped to a mature setting with a deep political story and realistic characters with realistic personalities and char development. When I played it the first time I was 17 and too young to get into it's world. Now I really enjoy it. It shows that a JRPG can deliver a deep world and character without the stereotipical and out of place weirdness and quirkiness.

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Kupa463d ago

I've been loving these articles lately. When XII came out, I felt like the only person that liked it, and I couldn't see why it wasn't connecting with more people. I'm glad it's finally getting the credit it deserves (though I think the changes made actually address the biggest problems for many people, and legitimately improve the overall product).

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Imalwaysright463d ago

It gets no apology from me. All it gets is a thank you for all the great hours it provided me since I bought it day one all those years ago.

DARK_WOLF463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

It was and still is my favourite entry in the FF series. Never understood why people hated on it. But then again most things i like people seem to hate on endlessly. Like xbox for example. Oh well it didnt stop me from enjoying it.

So glad it got the hd treatment.

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