Resistance 2 Beta Invites Being Sent Out

One of our readers got their beta registration email. I guess this is just to sign up and doesn't guarantee that you get in the beta. Here is a pic of what you get:

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NightVyper3789d ago

Yeah I got one and filled it out already.
I hope i get in.

ReBurn3789d ago

I got an email to register for the beta selection. I figured everyone with a PSN id would have gotten that one.

Kyo3789d ago

What about the people who already registered like 1 month back when they opened the beta application page, do they have to re-register? Does anyone know?

devotee3789d ago

I did just in case....

Spinitus3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

i got the email from PS underground, so maybe this for those people that are members of PS underground that maybe missed the first registration they had a few weeks back to let them know about the beta registration.

P4KY B3789d ago

No-one wants 50 articles about which website is giving away codes.

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The story is too old to be commented.