This Alan Wake trailer story: what are the chances of it being true?

It's being widely reported that an Alan Wake trailer is coming tomorrow in, er, Finnish cinemas. Can this be true, and does this mean that the game is close to release after all?

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PirateThom3789d ago

As likely as Rick Astley being nominated for an MTV Europe Music Award...

Oh wait...

I'm ready to believe in both Rick Astley and Alan Wake.

power of Green 3789d ago

What ever that means I'm sure its not good.

Gam713789d ago

dont forget to vote people for best act ever.

PirateThom3789d ago

Why would Rick Astley getting a nomination not be good?

rbbrdman3789d ago

I want to believe it's not vaporware I really do.

Anyways I'll go back to not thinking about this game again. It's easy bc the line-up this fall has plenty of winners.

MiloGarret3789d ago

I want to believe too, but wouldn't it be fun if it DOES come out and then it sucks so badly we all wish it never had...

Before you hate: Its a humorous reflection, I'm not actually wishing it'll suck donkey balls. Quite the opposite.

thewho3789d ago

Saw this game at E3 3 years ago and we have not seen anything since.
Will turn out to be an overhyped piece of crap like Too Human for sure.
No development team goes into hiding for 3 years unless they are told to go back to the drawing board.

Rute3789d ago

One of the reasons why Remedy signed up to make a game for Microsoft is because MS promised them as long development time as they wanted. Such a rare promise tells us that MS wants Remedy to craft something groundbreaking.

That in mind, it's not so hard to see why there have been some bumps along the road. Here's what Mika Reini, the CFO at Remedy has said recently:
"yes, we're still here and working hard on getting Alan Wake for you to enjoy. Sure, we’ve been in development for a long time and if everything had gone perfectly smoothly there probably would be a game out for you guys to play already. But designing a completely new game can be hard, and sometimes you need to take a detour to find the best route forward."

"We want to entertain you guys in the best possible way and our team is putting in every effort possible in order for that to happen. That is the way Remedy wants to do things. I’m sure you will enjoy Alan Wake when we’re done."

HairyBrownSack3789d ago

yeah, it's coming along.

what makes me even more excited for it is playing the recent SH5 masterpiece. judging by what Alan Wake looks like, it could be everything SH5 is and more.

I highly recommend SH5 and Condemned 1 and 2 to anyone even remotely interested in Alan Wake.

power of Green 3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

If that helps you sleep.

"YAWN" lol only a loser would waste the time commenting in *YAWN* worthy threads, most other people simply ignor them lol.

trolling/Attacking isn't a good way of convincing people of anything other than you being spiteful.

Devs don't run on a PS3 fanboy schedules, they do not have to prove anything to fanatical internet trolls, they're dozons of games that have taken 3 or 4 yeras to make and have been shown in the past or will be in the same situation

OOG3789d ago

I think its true....but I guess we will wait a few more days and we shall know...

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The story is too old to be commented.